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Riding a rickshaw through the uneven lines in my hair that I made when I tried cutting my hair

 I tried to be a changed man,
so I shaved the sides of my head,
but it quickly grew back out,
now I'm drowning in pointless doubt.

Could it be what you said,
cause it haunts me when I'm in bed.
Few words on repeat,
just seem stuck in my head.

I tried to be a changed man,
but habits don't die young,
running up on empty,
ever since I left me.
And my confidence is tanking,
I just nee...

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The things that never will (or was it the Will that never thinks? Honestly it's been so long that I forgot)

I stargaze in my own room,
with thought of holding you.

The melody of songs I don't know,
make me wonder what there is to behold.
With a gentle laugh,
I stand starstruck by your words.

Like a child I stand below it all,
seeing colour that aren't letting you go,
as the stars paint a portrait of your smile,
I am caught stargazing in my own room.

And the sky turns back to white,
as t...

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My essay will be finished once the seventh seal breaks and the angles get their trumpets or whatever

Does silence disprove existence,
or does it just mean that someone's not interested.

Living our lives,
guided by the light,
and blinded by the sound that's not present.

Lives filled with love,
love for the waves,
bird songs pushed to the direction where the wind blows.
Even the grass is singing it's story of growth.

Hearing nothingness,
when you open your mouth,
the loud silence t...

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Teriyaki chicken made by the Teriyaki Boyz from the comfort of their 1980s Volkswagen

Please forgive, I got no desire,
I was warm but you put out the fire.
So don't hold back my tears.

Now you just try to avoid looking me in the face,
not even our thoughts can see eye to eye.
Please let's forget the lies we told ourselves.

I used to dream bout your golden hair,
than November came and we're not the same, anymore,
but I guess we're happy.

Put on your shoes,
let's go f...

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desiremeet againplan

Silent sounds of quiet quirky quiffs

Spent my destiny trying to find someone like you,
went through a decade worth of decaying decoys,
going downhill with the destroyed disguise.

Spent my love on hoarding hordes of hatred,
yet just like heather hills you're calming for my mind.

And I, need to get away,
so why, keep on lying to my face. 

So this house was built by ordinary men and women,
powering through hustles while we...

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Ladies and gentleman we're not even in space, no need to rush in

I’m sorry that I can’t bring myself to like the stories from the book you’ve been reading,
in all honesty all I can see are empty words that are misleading.
Late night arguments,
and even later apologies,
could this really be the pinnacle of conflicting ideologies.

Brown sugar coated lies,
wearing a sweet disguise,
frowned upon by the broken,
unspoken truths,
trapped behind those beauti...

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What does the handwriting tell about the person? ( Can you know what food they like? )

I took my notebook out,
just to write a song,
but then I saw you,
and now there's nothing I can do.

After all this time,
in this notebook of mine,
I found your words,
forgotten by time.

Our lives are a mess,
but we're doing fine.

Two months have gone by,
without you near by,
my life is a mess,
yet I'm alright.

Hold on tight to these,
hopeless, broken dreams,
I've never give...

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poetrynotebookbroken dreams

Mountain thyme tea rolled up in seaweed playing the role of a joint

All this time,
reminded of the thyme tea I drank,
as I was talking to you.

And all those stories I've heard,
from liars and thieves,
about you, not being who you say you are.

Can't even drink my favorite beverage,
my mind being leveraged,
by the thoughts of another summer without you.

Another year,
another failure,
mind messed up from beer portrayed as a liquid savior,
yellow at ...

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Worst harvest

Coming home in a town that I don't know,
wandering through the streets near my house.
Stumble on the concrete torn by the flowers growing up,
forshadowed by the street lights.
Wasting away my days,
thinking about these things,
and I'm lost.

You're gone, and I can't find,
the right words to say,
please stay.
Sit on the balcony, thinking so endlessly,
about the sun rise.
Every new day ...

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lostpoetrystreet lights

Feeling like Butters after the break up (sad yet happy that it happened)

First time,
February was just fine,
although I was walking on thin lines,
never had the doubt that you weren't mine.
Then the first Saturday came,
our sanities were the ones that remain,
something so plain,
brought us joy,
one sentence only comes to mind,
nothing will ever ruin this.

Yeah, the week went by,
never believed that time can fly,
but here we are,
another Saturday,
and yo...

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ButtersPoetryBreak upSaturday

A two week old cup of homemade lemonade right before I brush my teeth with vinegar

Losing all my trust,
yet I still believe you,
admitting my defeat.

You have lied,
many times before,
and you still told me things,
no body knows.

Showed your true colours,
but never showed your face.
Flirt with the thought of death,
somehow you were stopped,
but this time,
nothing stands in the way,
except for a bottle of rum,
a golden pen and a writing you'll never understand.

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Bless in a dress (Or just a coincidence that happened at the right place at the right time, I honestly do not know anymore)

With your new red dress,
you walk with such class,
whenever I see you,
you just push me away.

With your new red dress,
you've made my life a mess.

We used to walk along all through the day,
now I can hardly see you,
just wanna say this to your face,
you empty me out.

Like your new red dress,
you're already stained,
easy to wash it,
yet it'll never change your face.

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dressfacelove poemblesspoetry

I want this to last forever

The greatest smile I have ever seen,
the most gorgeous voice I'll ever hear,
with stunning eyes that turn me to stone,
I feel like a child when I'm around you.

The little time that we spend together,
I wish it would last forever.
Talk about nonsense,
yet laugh at everything.

We create memories,
with only our fingertips,
never mind the spoken words that cannot be heard,
we make promi...

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I can see your face in dry paint

The answers you gave,
the truth you didn't speak,
were the things I wanted to hear.

We still have our habits,
we still live our old lives,
hiding the things that shouldn't be seen.

What do we get if our feelings hide in secrecy,
what do we do when the things we love aren't real...

Somehow I love you,
I don't know why,
I need you.

With the energy I have left,
I reach for the rem...

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Battlefield of love

Emotional fortress built with broken stones,
Battle ram rushing a chill down my bones. 
Forecast rain and mist, 
Cutting down my sight, 
Loud cries followed by their echoes,
On this battlefield of love.
Throwing spears and arrows, 
Shaped as yelled sentences,
Directed at my heart,
Even the quiet whispers are able to do their part.

As the gates came crushing, 
You just stood still. 

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poetrylove poetrylost love

For you I will do my best

Slowly you disappear into the past,
yet you are buried in my thoughts which I'm forcing to last.
Everything that you do,
finds a way to touch my heart,
and every word you say,
shows the beauty of your art.
Your bleached white hair,
perfect smile,
cute little nose,
an honest representation of your soul.
You say you want to give up,
but you don't have to go.
You're not alone, nor will yo...

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poetrygirl crushteen yearslove poetry

Becoming a ghost

There's this song I always come back to,
It reminds me of the day I first met you.
No other words mean as much to me as the lyrics that were sang in the song,
it's a constant reminder of how we held on for so long.
You might've been just a ghost but you knew what flesh felt like,
you knew what a hug meant and how to treat someone in the cold night.
You were no stranger to love and comfort,

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The last farewell this winter brought

And just like that, you're gone,

The memories fade away, you're lost,

No matter the action , the consequences are the same.

The thought of you not being here,

The thought of missing you,

Those are concepts I can't wrap around my head.

With fear I live the upcoming days,

Questioning my own existence,

Questioning my own rebellion, I slowly understand what you meant.


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Hope for another shot at life

Shot after shot,
you miss your own heart.
Trying to end it all,
just because of one missed call.
Your life is worth so much more,
it's not worth giving up because of that stupid old bore.
Don't you know,
he is a man-whore,
he is not someone you should adore.
Open your eyes,
and look around,
you'll miss the fun,
and I'll miss your beauty.
When everything is done,
you'll be praised lik...

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Absence of the mind

Torn pages,
words unspoken.
Thoughts undeveloped,
feelings being neglected.
I've turned into a creature I can't understand.
I've turned into something I cannot stand.

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mind of a lonely guy

Light that brings me home

With a warmth inside I'm heading home.
Shadows fall as I walk into the dark,
slowly losing the sight of my goals.
Alone, I have killed the sun,
now even the moon fears me.
No one by my side,
getting ready to give up,
I stopped,
opened my eyes,
I saw a light that was running towards me.
Soon a relaxing laugh followed,
in my mind it was hallowed.
The light shone brighter and brighter,

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poetrycomfort zonecrushfeelings

Can't stop thinking about you

A year has gone by,
yet I still try,
I try to reach you,
I try to touch you,
still every attempt is a fail.

Your eyes used to be the light,
your smile used to be the way
your laughter used to be inspiring.
Now your absence is my suffering.

I endure only pain,
happiness I no longer gain,
beauty I no longer see,
I'm drowning in misery.

As days go by,
we grow apart more and more,

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poetrylove poems

Repeated story

I got used to you,
now time doesn't go by without you.
I got used to you,
that I cannot even smile when you're not around.
I got used to you using,
there's no point in whining now yet I still do it.
Can't believe what I did for you,
was I just a toy?
At least you had fun,
you had a blast,
while I slowly think of every word you said.
It hurts me to see you go,
but it hurts more when you...

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poetrypoemreal life

Your beauty behind my eyes

Every time you walk by,
I can feel the love coming from the melody of your steps.
Leaving a scent from the joy you spread,
I stand mesmerized.
All your words are kind,
the kind that can save the world.
Looking in the distance, free of worry,
I'm still hypnotized.
You glow as bright as the full moon,
your smile always makes me bloom.
It would be better if it wasn't just my imagination.

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love poems

World based on lies is not what we enjoy

Why are we such cowards,
afraid to admit our feelings,
or just to say what's on our minds.

Why do we keep hiding behind masks
thinking that we are protecting the future,
always ending up as our dream's butcher.

How are we not tired of telling lies,
running off in secret playing spies,
to end up finding that love is what everyone wants before they die.

Mutual feelings are real,
we s...

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