Please don’t make yourself at home


I caught a star 

With my burning fist

And left my handprint on it

I crash-landed on the clouds 

I bounced back

Bounced back I

Shot a star with my mouth

I juggled Pluto

I breathed on Neptune

I grew a farm on Saturn

I named all the planets that

I was first to visit

Pierced them with flags of my face

Stamped them with my fingerprints

I was the first to walk on

I’ll be the first to mould one

I completed a dot to dot 

Of the stars that make me


I am a new constellation 

I flew

But not too close

Just close enough

I visited the sun 

It only warmed my heart

I did not burn 

Or fall apart

There are ceilings, walls, and roofs

But there are windows and doors too

There are rules 


There are cans and cant's

But don’t listen

Just travel far

Don’t be a plan 

Don’t be a don’t

Just be a star


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Alexandra Parapadakis

Wed 14th Aug 2019 09:03

Ah, I really enjoyed reading these comments. Thank you all!

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 13th Aug 2019 15:37

This is a wonderfully upbeat (unusually for you) piece and I like the change.

for me the whole is summed up by the last three lines.......

Don’t be a plan

Don’t be a don’t

Just be a star..............and you might well yet become one!

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Lisa C Bassignani

Mon 12th Aug 2019 00:45

Sparkle and shine!

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Raj Ferds

Sun 11th Aug 2019 17:31

Alexandra I love this theme -- so aspirational.
And the rhythm really hooked me in.

"Just be a star" ... what a way to finish.
At the end of the day we must all learn to reach for the stars and if we can't catch one at least we can come back with a handful of stardust.

Glitter. Glitter.
Raj x

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