Life = Expansion of the mind... Ever increasing possibilities!!


The human mind is the ONLY thing in the entire universe that does not decay with time!


Our minds grow in size, strength and possibility all the while wadeing against the eneviatable decay of the vertical, the physical body they are carried through their moment in time in. 


As our intelligence expands and our library of experienced knowledge grows, it becomes a race against the powers of the Universal decay, the pull of gravity on our bones, muscles and and speedy coagulation of the blood in our veins. .

   As our physical being slowly dissolves

  Our ideas fight for life....

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Tui Dragonfly

Thu 12th Dec 2019 13:03

Thank you Jason😃 and... Sincere apologies for not replying/responding sooner!?!! :{ Nothing like the beginning of Lady-pause to test the theory!!

I wanted to let you know though that your reaction to the 'Awareness that was revealed to me' on my Uber trip to catch a plane, really jazzed me and has given me courage and fortitude to continue laying down what is sent my way!

I had initially joined this site (after almost a year of research and to-ing and fro-ing nervously trying to find a space in which to spill forth the froth that builds up in my never ceasing mind...) and, had never expected to be contacted, commented upon, let alone acquaint with a like minded soul!

Thank you for taking the time to share with me. I was much impressed and inspired upon reading your profile, blog and prose! Especially impressed at how you persisted and forged ahead. Inspiring 😃

Your decision to reach out to me and give thought... let along 'Get it!!' has given me much needed faith that I am not alone in my thinking on this whirling ball of blue-green... (or perhaps... the proffered 'Flat Earth', Parallel universe, circular Haelo, giant Disc-world balanced on the back of four elephants who happen to be standing on a giant space tortoise as he swims through the universe...(thanks Terry)... or, my particular favorite... cornered in the cargo bay of a Vogon Destructor ship sent to remove Earth and make way for a super-universal bypass coming through our solar system... after our electronic hitch-hiking 'thumb' malfunctioned...) and that actually doing something with my thoughts and musings is actually making it out there and it is worth it.

A mind that once knew and retained so much, adept at recalling the most obscure point at a moments notice, my mind, is now in full stride in the race against time and the inevitable decay of the physical, the carefully tended pathways and the ease of flow of conversation and thought.

This site (thank you Write Out Loud) is my savior and is enabling me to keep firing the neurons, stimulating and testing my knowledge, feelings and emotions. Even if only reading, I feel alive and connected.

Ka Pai

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 19th Sep 2019 20:54

Do you know, I was initially going to say, "Actually the mind does decay, I have some experience of this," but as I reached the end of the poem I realised something, I realised that you're absolutely right, the mind doesn't really decay but the brain does and the mind just gets lost in there somewhere.
Excellent poem.

J. x

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