Talking to Myself

As I observe, I feel I need to ask myself “Why is it that people talk without thinking first?”

I see it everywhere I venture, people creating their very own version of hell and I wonder “Why would they do that? Make their life so limited and one dimensional?”


Further pondering on the matter drew me to further observe “They ask for exactly what they don’t want, all the time, why would they think that is good?”

I have to admit I believe I do know the answer to that question. The answer is quite clear. Ignorance of the truth and ignorance is very rarely bliss.

It is part of every doctrine, every religion, every philosophy, every metaphysical knowledge, quantum physics, occultism…ok, you get the idea, all the wise ones say the same…You ARE what you think…Words resonate through time and space forever.


Dean Fraser – The Quantum Poet (taken from The Poems Less Spoken)

#life #motivation#philosophy

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Dean Fraser

Wed 21st Aug 2019 16:49

Thank you. Your comments are much appreciated

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lisa donohoe

Wed 21st Aug 2019 09:34

Incredible to read. Resonates with those who are awakeing. You are indeed what you think until you think beyond the possibilitys of anything greater than thy self. To then realise there is nothing greater than you. For you are your own creater. Magical if you will.

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