One Marble


The situation


is definitely



What happens


you've lost

all your marbles


Can't remember

too much

your sentences




exceeded supply

now down to

one marble.



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Don Matthews

Sat 10th Aug 2019 15:45

You've overwhelmed me with this thoughtwave Ray

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Sat 10th Aug 2019 15:39

I'll try to be clever as usual D. To me the marble is the earth dwindled in size to suit the person's scope. It's still a marble!


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Don Matthews

Sat 10th Aug 2019 15:35

At least you've got two marbles
I'm sorry, I got sidetracked
You mean, I guess, the head-like type
My mind's gone blank, gone slack

I guess this indicates dk
(Looked on keyboard, lost d)
That I am losing marbles too
I can't find the d, you see?

Now Devon's also having trouble
You've begun to worry him
From icon he does look quite young
He'll think he's losing vim

You've got him worried now (where's that jolly d?) dk.....

Devon Brock

Sat 10th Aug 2019 13:53

I was going to comment with a witty riposte, but I went to kitchen for coffee, but forgot that I was going to the kitchen for coffee, and in the process forgot what I wanted say. You know what I mean. The mind is a wrinkly thing.



Sat 10th Aug 2019 13:39

Can someone please find my marbles?

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