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A barricade

Keeping pace
While they fail
To stride ahead,
Felling down
They opt to be
A barricade.

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Fishing in troubled water

In the political arena
Playacting one's
Ethnic group's vanguard
Head to toe  they
Indulge in corruption grand
Spawning many of
Their brand
Eager to seize
Every advantage off hand.

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There is a rat to smell

You used to soar up with
A philosophic wing
A nightingale a peace-packed
Verse of democracy to sing,
So we became dupes
And thought seconding you
Or voting for you is a nice thing.
But as a Pandora box fate
Or like suffering
Scorpion's sting
Surfaced a strange thing.

Your sanctimonious disposition
Soon came to our attention
When you rosy mask
Suffered a crack
In a wa...

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Why I am a barfly

Immediately after I
Fetched my salary
From a Bank
When I get drunk
Getting into a bar,
From my home not far,
No longer subject
To my inhibition
I become bold
To make an
Open breast of my love
To my inaccessible dove,
For on such state
I become easily capable
My financial challenges
And physical appearance
Anxieties to dissolve.

I crunch her number
Getting no answer
"U R Z best C...

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What a paradox

Though graying
Head and brow,
He developed not
Gray matter
To every one's sorrow!

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I knew why poets never die

Reading an anthology of
Classic poems
On quiet a night
With wings of
Enlightenment and delight
My soul took flight
To far-off lands bright
Rife with musical poems
Some brain racking,
While some savory but light.

When I saw celebrated poets
From my dream plane
I decided to alight
So that the messages
Encoded on their poems,
To me they further explain.
Cognizant that
Hearing things ...

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