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The political train is going off track


-->In the past

Martin Luther King Jr
Antonio Gramsci
Were waging a fight
For the observance of
Their likes' right,
Also like Frederik Engels
Crossing-floor or
Transcending class
There were some
Who were struggling
On the side of
The oppressed mass.

Proletariat internationalism
Their intent
The likes of Che Guevara
Ho Chi Minh ,Castro
Proved freedom fighters
Beyond th...

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evilphony politicianspolitical humor

Resilient Ethiopia

Subtly hacking its social fabric
To dismantle ancient Ethiopia
Its enemies and opportunists
Come up with this and that trick
That aims at dislodging
Every brick....
Time goes on tick,tick,tick
The problem reaches on its peak
Many harbor fear
They may lose
Their country Ethiopia
They hold dear
But always
When it is left with
A declared last chance
Displays Ethiopia resilience.
"Are ...

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Ethiopia peace



Touting about
To -democracy-
taking path
Many a psychopath
In the acid-test of integrity
Proves aberrant
Exuding a political stench
To development-and- democracy
Thirsty repugnant.

A phony politician
Has a double face
Which s/he changes from
Place to place
To sweet talk
Citizens sugar-coated
Ideals to embrace.
But monster's follies
Is sure own talks to efface.

Many a politic...

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The Finding of the true cross(Meskel)

entry picture


From the 4 corners of Addis
Sunday school students
At a Meskel Square make a throng
All the way beating a drum
Ululating and singing a song
With a passion strong.

"Queen Helena (Elene)
Mother of Constantine the Great
Found the true cross
Buried under
A dump-mountain long
By those who  read  Jesus
The incarnated word wrong."

"Advised by a monk
Led by an incense smoke
The whereab...

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The immaculate

I) Annunciation

A message great
Unmatched to date
From Almighty
Via an angel,
Irreverence against God
That does not tolerate,
To a pious girl immaculate
Was sent.

While the holy one
For a pray bent,
The angel Saint Gabriel,
Himself great
Descended from high
Above in the sky
And with reverence said
There is a message
To be told!

The holy one
Felicitate, for
In God’s fac...

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How could I forget


Oh my God
I can't forget
The way  you
Owned the road
In many a boy's heart
Leasing a foothold.

The way you  used
To sashay
Calls for an assay
To prove
You're composed of
Pure gold
To outsmart many
A girl 100 fold.

I bet
Your liquification
It is unmatched
To date.


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Percolated down to every bone

Via the phone
When I heard your voice
Having a friendly tone--
At long last you have won--
My diffidence and anxiety gone
An electrifying ecstasy
Charged my heart's zone,
Who fate was
To ceaselessly lament and moan.

The vein inundating feeling
You evoked, anon,
Percolated down to every bone
To each love thirst
To atone!


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hopelifelovesatisfactionunrequited love

A barricade

Keeping pace
While they fail
To stride ahead,
Felling down
They opt to be
A barricade.

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Fishing in troubled water

In the political arena
Playacting one's
Ethnic group's vanguard
Head to toe  they
Indulge in corruption grand
Spawning many of
Their brand
Eager to seize
Every advantage off hand.

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There is a rat to smell

You used to soar up with
A philosophic wing
A nightingale a peace-packed
Verse of democracy to sing,
So we became dupes
And thought seconding you
Or voting for you is a nice thing.
But as a Pandora box fate
Or like suffering
Scorpion's sting
Surfaced a strange thing.

Your sanctimonious disposition
Soon came to our attention
When you rosy mask
Suffered a crack
In a wa...

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Why I am a barfly

Immediately after I
Fetched my salary
From a Bank
When I get drunk
Getting into a bar,
From my home not far,
No longer subject
To my inhibition
I become bold
To make an
Open breast of my love
To my inaccessible dove,
For on such state
I become easily capable
My financial challenges
And physical appearance
Anxieties to dissolve.

I crunch her number
Getting no answer
"U R Z best C...

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What a paradox

Though graying
Head and brow,
He developed not
Gray matter
To every one's sorrow!

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I knew why poets never die

Reading an anthology of
Classic poems
On quiet a night
With wings of
Enlightenment and delight
My soul took flight
To far-off lands bright
Rife with musical poems
Some brain racking,
While some savory but light.

When I saw celebrated poets
From my dream plane
I decided to alight
So that the messages
Encoded on their poems,
To me they further explain.
Cognizant that
Hearing things ...

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