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The sky is the limit

A pitch dark night
Will be overcome
By a broad day light,
Seeds below
The earth that lie,
Soon open
A thankful eye
To the heavenly father
In the sky!
Then why? Why?
Should you and I
Allow our ambition
Wilt and die,
See our dreams fly by,
When say
A Hurdle
Block our way!
We must never admit
When a dead end
We hit,
There is no
Getting round it!
We should know
When God shuts th...

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Congra to a dear boy!

What a joy
What a joy
My little nephew,
Two decades back
Born abroad,
When a  guest here
A ride on
A piggy shoulder
Who used to enjoy,
To whom I bought
A motley toy
Out of himself
Made a brilliant boy.

“As per my choice
Could you buy me a donkey
Or a could you allow  me
A  tortoise
To touch
When we go to
The squalid market square
Or  the nearby church?”

Double mind
Is his nic...

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#congratulation #nephew #dear #son #parental #love

They cross fertilize

Peace and development, lung and heart, feed on each other!

Preparing for war is also option better adversaries to parry and deter.
Adversaries that conspire the couple - peace & development -to put asunder.

Also, to ensure peace, paying sacrifices further let us our development spur!
Unless they see poverty committed to the ground and in their life a turnaround, daunted, to belligerence human ...

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Doing Bad To Good End

entry picture

Sometimes you have
To think out of the box,

"Flog the workaholic ox
So that the indolent one
Dragged by the yoke
Willy nilly, together, begins
To work! "

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Do in Rome as Romans do


It should not come as a surprise
Though the right posture
A subordinate doesn't lack
"Do in Rome as Romans do"

With a curved back
s/he has to walk!

It shouldn't come
As a surprise
Watching journalists
Praise that shower
On a tyrant government
In power!

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You have to pay for a deaf ear

Angry a man began to beat his dog
"Conniving with a thief is wrong!"

Answered the dog

"What more do you
Want me to do dear
After to my non-stop bark last night
You turned a deaf ear!

When told to mend its  way
Adamant, the incumbent
Went astray.

After it is to late
It makes a dabble
To hold citizens to
The chaos accountable!

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