The Times...Are They a Changin?

Before the before 

full fleshed 

flashing unflaccid

truculent and succulent

fully operational

green lights go 

full steam ahead 

cloned and cloning 


Simply synchronously

spawning creativity

exponential explosion

generator of generations

ideas and art

multitudes of melody

rapturous rhythms

amorous harmonies

symbols crashing away at

elevating edifice

exaggerating artifice

a BigBang of bold braggadocio

an import of portents

export of importance

a flocking to fractals

fucking with cocktails

a mixed-media 

manufacturing mania

an improvisational impression

of snorting assembly lines

organized for orchestrations

of outsourcing our hours

ousting our outcasts

excoriating our outlandish

a flinging with finesse and

swinging with success

our back-ordered boxes

ordered back

past deadlines

flat lines

picket lines

bread lines

signs of hard times

a proliferation of


for Nation, for God, for an afterlife of hypocritical ecstasy

a surfeit of surplus

before, the before


But now, now

what now

a contusion of confusion

about our state

about our fate

a profusion of prostitution

of ideals sold

of corruption bold

all feels hollow 

and even the edges

reek of rot

spongy and necrotic

we are being worn away

eroded corroded

silhouettes shadows

rusted husks

what fireweed will bring color

to our grey ash remnants

the owl calls our name

in ghostly tones

while we await 

the Phoenix

while our subscriptions automatically renew

unpaid bills automatically accrue

body cams

dark web scams

why burn the books

if they sit unread

why do the work

if you can't get ahead

opioid addiction

the new non-fiction

listen to my diction

airy with conviction

society is dying

some folks are trying

other folks are buying 

lies hook line and sinker

some want to crush the state

others want to tinker

but this corpse is criminal

lock it in the clinker

zip it in a body bag

it's starting to get stinkier

public lands getting smaller

walls getting taller

an AK on the altar

greed that doesn't falter

hatred the new Psalter

too many guns

killing daughter's and sons

while NRA shills - license to buy license to kill-

spend NRA funds

so polidickticians with

thoughts and prayers can run

POSPOTUS twittering

Alt-right nazis blithering

Senate is Slytherin

hopes and dreams are withering



follow the yellow brick

follow the yellow brick

follow the yellow brick road

we welcome you to Mnuchin land

the witch is dead

let's start a new thread


time to get optimistic


start a positive heuristic

lead us to a holistic statistic

of 1 to 0, us vs. them

don't vote candidate

just vote Dem

I mean you gotta do what you gotta do

but first off you gotta get a clue

time is essence time is now

educate, meet, protest, start a row

the climate is right, for change overnight

climate change deserves a fight

recycle reduce reuse

just vote and we cannot lose

even though your teeth are gnashing

always act with compassion

understand your priviledge

discourse gives a civil edge

organize and letters write

you'll sleep better through the night

catch yourself in deep despair?

that's not time to FB share

better just to say a prayer

or gather close with those who care

and that is not just my hot air

but I think this mess we can repair

and end this ArmaNightGeddonMare

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Don Matthews

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 23:15


I despair at the continued allowance of guns in your country. It seems no amount of pointless massacres change things. It's so damn obvious what should happen. Of course we know the reason - the powerful gun lobby. It all comes down to politics and greed. When we had our first massacre, guns were banned here. I am so grateful.

Devon Brock

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 21:25

Adam, please keep getting carried away. I am impressed that you were able to maintain the speed and rhythm of this poem for that long. That being said, I have a very real fear that the current state of affairs will lead to a greater, more violent incivility. But I have always been a pessimist about these things. We are lucky that Portland didn't blow up last weekend, but the levels of hate and xenophobia, while always there, feel free to come out of the shadows and propagate. When folks are permitted to protest armed to the teeth, the inevitable will occur. I don't mean to bring you down, stay hopeful.

Keep a going!


Profile image

Adam Rabinowitz

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 06:41

David, Thank you for that link. There is a litany of poverty to which further prayers seem ineffectual. I certainly even in the length of my scree was not able to touch on rural misery so perhaps I should add more lines but I could write forever and not catch up to the banshees howling our demise. Thank you for really means a lot to me.

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Don Matthews

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 04:30

"Sorry...sometimes I get a little carried away"

I think you've got my condition Adam.....

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Adam Rabinowitz

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 03:14

Thanks Ruth...but it ends hopeful right? Someone told me I should end it hopeful...that was the challenging part.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 01:43

Looks like you've downloaded the decade there Adam but I like the angry fast pace I heard

Profile image

Adam Rabinowitz

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 01:22

Sorry...sometimes I get a little carried away.

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