First Efforts at New-Age Poetry

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First Efforts at New-Age Poetry

There has been appearing on the site of late work which is coming to be known as 'New-Age' poetry. No stanzas, rhythm, rhyme. meter. i.e. a sort of 'non-poetry' if you like. Despite this lack of 'non-poetic' character, pieces such as this are being accepted on our officially-known-as 'poetry' website. Ergo, it must qualify as 'poetry'. Ergo again, then what I've just written must also qualify as a 'poem'. Beats me.

Anyhow, I thought I'd have a go at this New-Age stuff, knowing it will be accepted as 'poetry', and not rejected as mindless gobbledegook. I did struggle for a title not being the fluffy/flowery type. For maximum absorbency be in a calm place and read every word. Hope you like it.


Beauty is a constant.

To roam the path is to become one with it.

We vibrate, we heal, we are reborn

Have you found your circuit?


Eons from now, we lifeforms will believe like never before as we are re-energized by the quantum matrix. The quantum soup is approaching a tipping point. The future will be a dynamic summoning of non-locality.

We are at a crossroads of purpose and dogma. Humankind has nothing to lose. Our conversations with other pilgrims have led to an evolving of ultra-self-aware consciousness.

If you have never experienced this metamorphosis devoid of self, it can be difficult to vibrate. Although you may not realize it, you are primordial. It can be difficult to know where to begin.


Child, look within and beckon yourself.


Who are we? Where on the great quest will we be reborn? Reality has always been buzzing with seekers whose hopes are transformed into guidance. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the galaxy via expanding wave functions.


Don Matthews August 2019 (New-Age Poet in Learning)

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Don Matthews

Tue 6th Aug 2019 23:44

Brian I'm disappointed
You've contributed none
New-Age knocked you over
Back you can't come?

(Sorry 'bout that......)

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Don Matthews

Tue 6th Aug 2019 23:42

Hey Rose you're infected
Your bolloxing right
You've done gone come down with
What's called Rhymer's Blight

And yes, it's contagious
Spreads like a disease
Gets one's wave functions
Oscillating with ease.....

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Rose Casserley

Tue 6th Aug 2019 19:00

if there's one type of fella I adore and it's so true
tis those who don't give a flying F!
Don Dares just like you!

bollox! you've got me at it! ?

Rose ?

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Tue 6th Aug 2019 18:21

Wow Don you done gone bang a new gong!
Seriously mate, though I don't agree with much of what you're saying (new-age ain't me), your ability to say it is impressive. Remember, for the verbal artist (ie poet) it's never either or, it's whatever gets the job done.
Interesting that you flag up the time and effort needed. But hey good to sweat and toil a bit ?
Yea impressive

Devon Brock

Tue 6th Aug 2019 13:11

Don, let me say that this blows my mind. Wowsa. You really pushed hard against your own constraints to bust out into this. I hope you found it worth the effort.

Prose poems have been around for centuries, you may find it helpful in your quest to check some out. Baudelaire could be a good starting point. A link to my favorite:


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 6th Aug 2019 11:22

Don - a brave effort to accommodate current fashion - salutations!
Well, it is said that poetry reflects the age in which it is created.
That would surely account for what is turned out so often nowadays.


Tue 6th Aug 2019 11:19

Efforts not wasted. A great way to usher the new age pieces. With time you will outshine all new agers. Continue writing. Quantum theory on the buzz. Quite a rock n roll.


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Don Matthews

Tue 6th Aug 2019 11:00

Oh Rose so glad you like it
'Twas so damn hard to do
I now challenge all WOLers
To New-Age toogaloo....

This bloody genre New-Age
While so damn hard to do
Produces inner peace (yes Rose)
Toodle oodle ooo.....

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Don Matthews

Tue 6th Aug 2019 07:54

Brian - I have moved to a higher plane. This New-Age poetry is leading me to undreamed-of experiences. I am not expecting POTW as I imagine it would be difficult to judge the poetic merit of my piece. Can only try.....

Gosh Brian, this New-Age stuff is tough. I don't know how other WOLers do it?......

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