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entry picture

His muse walked invisibly

Beside him

As she always did

Sometimes she hid

But even then

He knew

She was there

Could feel 

Her presence

In the air

Heard her 

Gentle sighs

In the



She would

Reveal something


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entry picture

Mercury retrograde is at the phase where it is giving us the chance to revisit lost opportunities with a second chance in sight. Useful to take note of whether you believe in astrology or not.



Clockwise has closed


Backwards beckons

Tocks become ticks

A reversal of seconds

Repairing the wreckage

Reckoning with time

Another chance


Before the


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entry picture

Some moments

And emotions

Can not be

Caught on


That is why

We need


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Snow White Updated

entry picture

Thoroughly Modern

Miss snow white

No poison apple

Would she bite


So wicked stepmother

Sent her a gift

Lid off

White box

She quickly lifts


Lo and behold

It's an apple....




This one has

An hypnotic tone


And as soon as

Step mom

Gave Snow white

A call

Into  a deep


She did fall

When awake 

She's still


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modern fairytale


entry picture

A corner is lifted

One on each side

Dark clouds have shifted

Able to smile

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Zen insight

Shadow Of Temptation

entry picture

As he stood in front of her

She sensed the presence

Of shadows

Behind her back

Light and dark danced

Upon the wall

Every embrace

Created the shape

Of things

To come

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Flash fiction poetry


entry picture

Many visit the graveyard

What about the craveyard?

Filled with creative cravings

That were denied

Then turned to stone

And died

Each one engraved

With what might

Have been

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Halloween #random thoughts


An experiment in your observation ...

Having the grace to explore the alchemy of my soul

I was in the black, out of control

I'm strong enough now, to please 

Just myself

Shouldn't be easy for anyone else


Take a look at how

I've become so astute

Jumping and singing

Just like a cute newt


Flying high up off the ground

Slightly ruined 

But still around


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entry picture

Their romance was like

An old fashioned photograph

They clicked straight away

But their love took

Longer to develop

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Flash fiction poetry

Writing Moment

entry picture

Finger and thumb

Wrapped around 

A pen

Wrote a few words

Full stopped.

Then started again

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MeditationWritingZen exercise

The Vaper

entry picture

He was her dragon

Didn't have talons

But their 'nomance'

Dragged on

He kept

Her waiting

In a 'complicationship'

Reputation of 

A reptile

Scaly, bit flaky

A hazardous lizard


In a puff 

Of sweet vaporised smoke

She was sucked

Back in

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Flash fictionmodern fairytale

November Horoscope

entry picture

November begins on a point of tension

Now the political stuff 

I'll not even mention

Mercury retrograde has just begun

It can make a fool of anyone

You might be misunderstood

It could cause a delay

People from your past

May come back your way

Mars and Pluto in the boxing ring

Watch out for trouble

If you've had a secret fling

November 8th will touch your soul


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Scorpio season

entry picture

Early darkness

Nights draw in

Scorpio arrives

With a tail

That stings

Clocks rewind

More time

In bed

Land of

The living

Meets depths

Of the dead

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autumn seasonclocksGMTscorpio


entry picture

Recapturing who I was

Before my microchips

I used to be a human

Now it's electric bits

Back then, 

I had less memory

I needed to 

Use my brain

Subjects like maths & physics

Were such a struggle

A strain

I remember

I used to wear glasses

So much I wasn't seeing

That's all in the past now

I'm a supersonic being

I used to get 

So tired

Energy leve...

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Drunken Monk

entry picture

On hearing a story about 'Auto-Brewery Syndrome ( ABS) 


There once lived

An incontinent monk

He never drinks

But still

He gets drunk

The doctors

Were flummoxed

For he

Brews beer

In his


Now they

All want

To squeeze out

His trunks!

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humourous poetryNews story

Winter knows

entry picture

Spring had sprung

Butterflies in

Her tum

Followed by

Summer's overwhelming

Heart melting sun

But then

The fall

In love?


Not at all?


Winter's snow

Truely knows

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Love stagesSeasons change

Cold calling

entry picture

A bit of poetic free styling flash fiction


Phone rings

It's him

She recognises

The tone

'Are you alone?'

He moaned


So far away


'Please, don't 

Hang up


He says

Funny how he never

Called when

He was alive

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bad romanceflash fictionHalloweenhumour

Dumb and dumber

entry picture

We used to chat

On a green screen

In the pre teens

On 3310

As it was 

Back then

SMS texting friends

Was the 

big trend

So relieved

To read

1 Message Received

During break

Used to

Play snake

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communicationHistorymobile phones

Do it anyway

entry picture

Expressing isn't always about impressing

Sometimes it's a confession

Or the regression of a memory


It might even be

About a maybe

A one day me


That I only see

Approximately more clearly

When it's put into words


It could seem absurd

When it's read

Or tis' heard


But they must be released

In order to cease

My mental marathon


When a...

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poetryWritingwriting for fun

Astral Travelling

entry picture

The projection

Was watching

It's physical form

As it lay there



Well worn

Now spirit's

Set free

Of age

Gender, race

In all places

At once

No more




Astral travelling

Sends back

Dreams to

Main brain

Explores the

World faster

Than a

Train, tram or plane

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AstralSpiritthe traveller

Blank Canvas

entry picture

It's attitude was neutral

Neither here, nor there

Just a bare canvas

That stands without care

A vast space vibrating

It waits without rush

Filled with anticipation

For the stroke of a brush

Allowing anything 

The artist desires

Till the picture appears

For all to admire

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entry picture

Calculated mathematicians

Multiply their suspicions

Adding assumptions

While subtracting


It all sums up

To a

Dramatic divide

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humourjumping to conclusions


entry picture

Lost in deep thought

Not an astronaut

Yet walking in space

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Deep thinking

In short supply

entry picture


Sometimes you just have to give yourself a break from feeling bitter and give yourself a chance to love something. This isn't just about romantic love.

The best kind of love

Is without conditions

No doubtful suspicions

Or painful omissions

There is no one reason

For the feeling

Never defending 

Or pretending

It just is

With No Ending


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compassionkindnessunconditional love

Model Words

entry picture

Some words pose

Only showing

A poet

How to

Paint them

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Art of poetry

Be Yourself

entry picture

Deafened by definitions

About who we

Should be

Becoming blinded

By beliefs

We can't see


Consuming assumptions

Of society's strangers

Persistent peer pressure

Tries to

Rearrange us

But to yourself 

You belong

You cannot

Be sold

There is

Nothing wrong

In breaking free

From the


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authentic selfBe yourselfOriginal

A Taste Of Romance

entry picture

Sweet at the tip

Then flavour slides

Take another sip

Sour at the sides

Swilling around

Taste starts 

To lack

Now all

That's left

Is bitter

At the


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Gaming Addiction

entry picture

On hearing that the NHS are setting up new clinics for teenagers who are addicted to playing games online

N H Chess....

A different

Game to play

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#chess #gamesNews

Birthday Flowers

entry picture

Harsh words were spoken

A vase was then broken

Their only shared token

Of love


She'd waited for hours

For him to bring flowers

But instead he'd brought

Gardening gloves

This is not what she needs

Yet a packet of seeds

Is her gift

He'd practically bought

Without loving thought

And that was the

Start of their rift

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missed opportunity for romance

Gloomy Monday

entry picture

More of this




Away the day

Yearning for more

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monday blues

Halloween Hiring

entry picture

If you find yourself applying for a soul destroying job maybe...

A job's just come through

From Monsters UK

It's Halloween soon

There's demons 

To slay

Equal opportunities

Be you

Woman or man

Main requirement

Being that

You can


Sharp fangs

Bring in your CV

Be it real

Be it fake

These Evil hearts

Need your 


And stake



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halloween poemJoke

Armchair Travels

entry picture

Around the world

In 80 websites

Cutting the costs

On all those

Long Flights

Threw away 

The suitcase

& the rucksack

No more clothes

For me 

To un pack

You see

I'm minding my





It's just a 

Posh way

Of saying

I'm skint!

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Brexit psychosis

entry picture

Yesterday the first official case of a new mental issue termed 'Brexit Psychosis' was diagnosed, this will proberly continue long after the deal like a form of PTSD......


Brexit psychosis

A new type of 


Caused by

An atrocious osmosis

Of Nothingness!

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Brexitmental health awareness

Let's do this thing ( what is it again?)

entry picture

On hearing the speech....

C'mon this is fun

Ideas? I have none

Yet premiership I have won

Might not be in

That long

So my

Promises are far flung

But these words

I've carefully strung

Let's Get Brexit done

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Brexit news jokes

What will we talk about after Brexit?

entry picture

From Article fifty


Area fifty-one

A spaceship Invasion

Once Brexit

Is Done!

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BrexitPoetry jokesspaced out


entry picture


Living like we're Invincible

Convinced that the inevitable

Will Never Happen

To Us

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Invisible Driver

entry picture

On hearing driverless cars witll be on the road by 2021, a bit of poetical flash fiction....

No foot

On the pedal

No hand

On the


Was this

Driverless Journey

The last one

They'd take?

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Wake up

entry picture

Courtesy of 'C'


The call of  Courage

Will cause you

To pull back

The covers

Of uncertainty

And lift your

Head from

A cosy cushion

At first 

You may


But out of


Comfort Zone

You must



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#poetry #motivation #inspirationalCourage

Ordinary Magic

entry picture

The realisations that a bit of mindfully living in the moment can bring....


It's magical that we taste

There's magic in a touch

Magic surrounds all the things

Which we don't think of much


The splendour of our sunshine

Remarkable drops of rain

The miracle of each day

That we've awoke again


The greatness of those blades of grass

That grow beneath our feet


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Stitched Up!

entry picture

Like a spare button

Affixed on

To nothing

She was

Living in dread

Of finding

No thread

Through the

Eye of a


His excuses

Were feeble

No need

To be


To a garment


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#love #romancecomplicated

Compare Despair

entry picture

A perfectly edited


Resists the truth

Of reality

All that's

Been shown

In this 


Is exactly

What they

Want you

To see

As you

Scroll these

Sensational scenes

And the

Clutches of


Dig deep

Remember it's

Not all

As it


You don't

Know what


They keep

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depressionenvysocial anxietySocial media

Maui on my mind

entry picture

A little farewell to a package holiday company


A paradise trip

I was trying 

To find

A place

Like Maui

Was on 

My mind

Beautiful beaches

Rolling waves


Mr Cook

Took the


I'd saved



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Blind Date

entry picture

A bit of poetical flash fiction....

They will never forget

The moment they met

And all the expectations

That didn't

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flash fictionjokeslove poetry

Autumn's Last Leaf

entry picture

Today's poem is brought to you by the letter F!



Hanging on in there

From green to golden red

Delicately fixed

By an axil thread

Then freed of

This fusion

By a forceful breeze

Moment  arrived

To flee from

It's tree

Fluttering past

Admiring glances

The final show

So now it 


Then falls to

The ground

Having proved

All it's worth


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Autumn Dancenature poetrySeasons

The High Priestess

entry picture

This Equinox Season is the perfect time to tap into our intuition & assess where we're going next... The High Priestess is the personification of intuition


She sits quietly and waits

Contemplates her future

In this life and beyond

For a thin veil hangs behind

Separating her worlds


Today she sits on this side

Not because it is better

But to never experience both


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intuitionmagical realismtarot

3 Little Pigs

entry picture

What ever happened to the 3 little pigs? Here's a little reworking for 2019

Piggy was lying

On therapist's couch

Kept re-living

When Bad Wolf

Had blown down

His house


These days

His nerves

Were all

So raw


Panic attacks


He saw

Some straw


His brother

Who built

A house

Out of sticks


Moved on

Sold his 


To ...

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modern fairytale

Snakes & Ladders

entry picture

Sometimes life is like playing a board game...

It gets so mundane

When each day

Seems the 


In this

Bored game

You play

Couldn't stay long

On the square

You were on

Kept sliding away

At the edge

Waits a


And he's ready

To take

You astray

But battle's 

Not finished

You can

Still win this

So in the game

You'll stay


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Gameswinning #life #motivation


entry picture

Sand Slips

From top

To bottom

Of the glass

At work

You beg

For it 

To pass

In love

You plead

For it 

To last

Lost control

It still

Goes too



As slime

That's time

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time passes

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