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Distance Dating

entry picture

Bitten by passion

In forbidden times

Meaning is missing

As each hour chimes

Watching his body

His face

Through a screen

Can a coin set him free

From this vending machine?

He offers a penny

Just for her thoughts....

' If you'd been some chocolate, I'd get what I've bought'

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social distancing #romance #humour #flashfiction

Behind The Mask

entry picture

Muffled speech

Behind a cloth

How she wished

He could take it off

Though his voice

Not clearly heard

Instead his eyes

Spoke every word

Little creases

Revealed a smile

Undefeated by

Life's new style

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Facemask #News #KeepSmiling

New ways

entry picture

Effervescent days

Dissolved into space

Awaiting resolve

The old way erased

Hibernating humans

Watch nature

Run free

A reversal of roles

A new way to be

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new world

One's own company

entry picture

In the etherical fabric

Something resides

Fears knit together

Truth mixed with lies

Silence is loud

Feeling out words

Reality & fantasy

Suddenly blurred

Inner world becomes

More real than outside

We ran from ourselves

Now we can't hide

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self isolation


entry picture

​​​​​​Call the trade descriptions police...we've been sold the wrong spring this year!!!!


Like a metal coil


In a tense, uncertain


And when the pressure is


Many mere mortals, by then


They thought that


Was daffodils

Now life has fallen

Almost still

Invisible, silent, viral


The question is

Do we 


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Corona virusNewsSpring

Earthling Evacuation

entry picture

Maybe moving to mars is the only way to escape the virus!

Fingerprints of the sun

Upon the face of mars

New life has just begun

Way beyond the stars!

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Life on Mars #Escape #News

Friday 13th just got serious

entry picture

It's usually the day

To steer clear of ladders

Blacks cats

If only they'd avoided

Those random 

Flying bats

Nobody really understands 

Exactly what we should do

Just got to keep

Washing our hands

Buying extra roll

For the loo

Good luck and

Hand sanitiser

Both in such short supply

Borris seems none the wiser

So do your best and

Try not to die

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Freaky FridayNews

This Tree

entry picture

It won't sneeze

Or leave

This tree


It will stay.

Let's birds & butterflies

Nibble and play


No staying inside

This tree

Can't hide


It is

Where it is


Just minding it's own

Self isolated

But never alone


It's at the root

Of Everything


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When we have to stay in we'll look at the #trees

Life In 2020

entry picture

Hugs and handshakes

Are things of the past

Kissing is missing

Germs spreading 

Too fast

Feeling guilty to cough

Or even to sneeze

In case others think

I've got this disease

Gloves cover my palms

Close by is my soap

I won't be alarmed

But i'll pray & I'll hope

First it was brexit

Then it was storms

What's coming next,

Is it locusts in swarms?

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The End of The World As We Know It ( Maybe)

Bird table

entry picture

Like a little 

House sparrow

In a winter

Of sorrow

She's waits 

At his table

For breadcrumbs

Of love

Standing for hours

Till sun turns

To showers

Till seeds 

Turn to flowers

Before she

Gives up

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romanceWinter to spring

Imminent Equinox

entry picture

Subtle signs are showing

That springtime's almost here

Though winter wind still blowing

Birds sing with chirpy cheer

Trees standing there half naked

Grow costumes of budded leaf

Mother nature refills

That which has

Been taken

From a cold hearted winter thief

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close to naturesoonspring season

Paper Hearts

entry picture

Paper hearts don't beat

They tear

Of Valentine's?

He was not aware

All she wanted

Was a rose of red

But spending money

Brought him dread

She rolls her eyes

And looks above

As he tells of how

She has his love

These words sound


Said without cost

That was the day

Her love

He lost

Then came the 14th day

Of Feb

A new lover she found


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Valentine's Day


entry picture

Learning won't stop

After uni, college or school

You may reach the top

Yet still feel a fool

For each day

Brings new teachers

In many a disguise

Though sadness

Will feature

In the end

You'll be wise

We're all learning


Just not in a class

We find out 

The best things

From our days

As they pass

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life lessons


entry picture

Ordinary people

(With titles)

To them

Their freedom

Was vital

So nice

Then turned 


When they

Let down

The Queen

Now off

On their


They have 


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Eggs before hearts

entry picture

On hearing about Easter eggs going on sale on Christmas Eve


No chance for cupid

To pick up his bow

Not yet melted

Those men of snow

When what was on

Shop shelves

Full show

But  a shiny

Easter egg


Left uneaten

Chocolate money

Leaping Lords

Replaced by bunnies

We're still in winter

Though a little sunny

Christmas on 

Last legs



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The writing process

entry picture

It's always the same New Year's resolutions for me...to write more often! Happy New Year to all ...

At First

Just a thought

Then some paper

The words

They came later

QWERTY was flirting

But kindly 

I declined

It's demand

Held a pen

In my hand

And began

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New YearResolutionWriting

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