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Calling Christmas Poets 🎄

Have u written a poem 

Of Christmas cheer

Something you want

The world to hear?

Then send it to me for my

Christmas show

Get your dulcet tones

On the radio 📻

On Christmas eve

It shall be broadcast

If you want to be featured

You'd better be fast

Record your poem

On MP3

And send it in


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Kundalini yoga

I woke up with this poem almost fully 'written' for me this morning. This is about the journey of energy and makes me realise that sometimes poetry is meditation.

Kundalini calls
Coiled serpent awakes 

Travels up spine
Til reaches 10th gate
Passing through rays 
Of red at the root
Converts fear & rage 
To courage & truth
And now that it's mastered 
Danger & risk
It soaks up the warm...

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Raising Spirits

He said it once

Never again

Now it's like a seance

To contact her man

Spirits appear

As soon as she speaks

A future so bright

Turning so bleak

Can she break the ice

Dropped into his whiskey?

Or call on the departed

(Far less risky)

Does he love her?


Definitely maybe

She'll just have to guess

So she raises a glass

Time for a toast


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The Manicure

More silly modern fairytales 


​​A well shaped square

Metallic black

These nails were long

Ready to scratch

On restaurant table 

You could hear them tap


His eyes or his back?



moral of the story- Never stand up a woman who got her nails done especially for a date 😁


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Sand Witches

A modern fairy tale....

Sand witches

On beaches

Searching for snacks

Soon caught in the middle

There's no turning back

Please lettuce talk

A cheesy smiled plea

No savin' his bacon

He's BLT

Eaten up whole 

In all but a gulp

They spit out 

His soul

Into castles they sculpt

Now forever he lives

Between sea and land

A drop in the ocean 

The last gr...

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Yellow Square

Putting poems 

On Post-it notes

Hoping something


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Feeling inspired by flowers ....

Eager to rise

Searching for sun

Spiriling vines

Quick to hold on

Striking a pose

To soak up the rain

Then onwards

And upwards

She's moving again

Queen of the climbers

Flowers free flowing

Her petals define her

She'll never 

Stop growing 

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Sometimes I like to explore the poetic quality of telling a story in as little words as possible! 😆

He was private ​​​​

But she liked that

He never told her

His name

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