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He's an insta lover

Stolen focus

Wandering mind

Thoughts like locusts

Swarming all sides

Eyes fixed on a screen

Thumb keeps swiping

Reality calls

He's clearly declining

Just one more DM

Or maybe a snap?

She's keen to see him

Now he won't reply back

So she asks him again

When can we meet?

He can't think what to send

Then clicks on delete



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Sunshine concealed

Her darkness within

A summer so long

Whilst waiting for him

She bathes in his rays

His passion so hot

Today's just a burn

His tomorrow forgot

But she never moves on

Till still

Turns to stone

A cinder filled heart

On a solstice alone

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S#summer #flashfiction

Big Birthdays

His life became a noticeboard

All events now out of date

Impending fear of being ignored

Or recognised too late

Golden numbers rising high

With helium's help to float

It can't be stopped, from passing by

But  there's time

For a few more notes

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Father's Day Flashfiction

Tomb Escape

Memory hovers

On darkened clouds

Corpse is rotting

In it's shroud

Face imprinted

On binding cloth

Image distinctive

Muscle lost

Death of flesh

Is ether's gain

No regrets

For long it reigned

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Flesh fiction

Top of her game

Shuffling your playing cards

Shuffle your tarot

Today has been hard

So what of tomorrow?

Whatever the weather

No matter what's been

We can all safely say

We've been handed a Queen

Of hearts or of cups

One in the same

For the country she loves

Her part she's still playing

From her platinum grail

Her service keeps pouring

Her mighty ship sails

Through cel...

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Lotion Love

Sinking deep

Makes skin soft

Once applied

He could not 

Get her off

She was his lotion

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#fun #flashfiction

Radio Royalty

Be a radio king or queen

You'll be heard a lot more than you're seen

Let us hear your diamond voice

As you recite a verse of your choice

The topic is the Jubilee

Were you there for the major three?

Are you a corgi, a horse or a jewel?

What would happen if YOU made the rules?

Write, record and let me know

To get featured on my show


Calling all budding poets and pr...

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random thinking


In the run up to world poetry day, I've been reflecting on why I enjoy reading and hearing poetry so much. I guess it's that 'I've felt that too' experience you get when a piece resonates so well. So here's a short little poem i've written just about that!

To transform your pen in to a wand

To enter lands far, far beyond

To weave a word

In to fabric of mind

To express emotion


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Poetry magic


I found out my old school friend who I had known since I was 5 years old suddenly passed away. He used to love to read biographies, and as I was thinking how sad it was that he never got to write his own autobiography, I realised that we are all in a way just like a living book. We've been lent to earth while waiting to be returned to the akashic library in the sky. 

This one's for you Gary (R....

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