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Ruth O'Reilly on Death Card (15 hours ago)

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Cryptical clues

On the tip of the tongue

Performed in a verse

Or a line of a song

Meaningful messages

Massaging your soul

Lost in a rhythm

You just can't control

Regular chat won't

Give you this thrill

But tuning in

to a poem

Certainly will

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Seasonal Variations

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The changing colour of the seasons

Can life get any better than this?

Reflecting through all the reasons

Of why we came to exist

The midlife comparisons of autumn

As we're reaping our rewards

Fear of the chill in winter

Will we survive old age

Or be ignored?

As we look back to

The growth of spring

When all was so fresh 

And new

To the warmth and heat

That ...

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lifeNaturepoetrySeasons change

Death Card

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When you think that something is dead and buried, but it keeps resurrecting itself unexpectedly...

A Wilderness

A Wonderland

Of bones

When your alone

You end up there


Fantasy flesh and tendons

Tend to latch on

To muscular musings

Confusing you

Rummaging in discouragement

Appointed master

In dissaapointment duties

Eternally denied

The luxury of satisfa...

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Glass slipper

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 My Modern Makeover of Cinderella.... Cos you're never too old for a fairytale!!!

Once upon a time

There was a prince

He kept meeting damsels

That made him wince

But he had a glass slipper

That's all that mattered

'I'll find it's owner

Though her 

Dress may be tattered'

Then one day he 

Came up with a plan

To stop being a Prince

Just an ordinary man

So Ind...

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fairy talepoetrystorytime


entry picture

History repeats

Consequences known

It's what has been reaped

From all that's been sown

Connecting the threads

Of this 

Karmic maze

Building afresh

On old foundations laid

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Tarot Reader

entry picture

Remembering things before they happen

Laying out memories that are not

Her own

Bringing out insights

To enable seekers to prepare

For as a fool 

Takes his 

Leap of faith

He becomes

A magician

It has nothing to do with her

Still she shares this

Intense experience

They had never even met

Yet their frequencies


Revealing the unknown

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War on Worry

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This is about changing your self talk when you realise that you are worrying too much

Who are these creatures?

Beasts of my unseen world

Feasting on my fears

Delighting in their fantasies

Within the harshest of realities

Turning 'What Ifs' in to wars

No More

My inner angels now

avenge them

With affirmations

Of triumph


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#soulfood #soul #mindful #positive #poem

Save your poem

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This is about when you get the feeling you've got a poem forming in your mind, then you just leave it thinking it'll be no good, and later think you should have given it a chance to develop...Anyone else ever get that feeling? 


A snapshot in time

Can be captured in words

Sometimes sublime

Or completely absurd

Emotion that longed

To be known, in a stance

A soul's way of sh...

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poetry writing

Full Moon Rebirth

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A bit of witchiness for today's full moon in Aquarius


Your time has come

Your star has risen

All past mistakes

Have now been forgiven

Inspiration and luck

Will surely follow

There's brand new hope

For a brighter tomorrow

You have persevered

The prize is your power

You were once a seed 

Now you're a flower

Be ready & alert

In time with the season


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full moonlife and naturemagical realism

Deal or No Deal

entry picture

Deal or No Deal

Real or UnReal

Not sure 

What to


Any more

It's like living in a 


Everything's come


We can 

Never be


With our


Next door

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Brexit government Britain

What I learnt from a tree

entry picture

It just stood there

Happy to simply be

Sometimes a little gentle sway

Of it's skinny bark

In the breeze

Teasing it's leaves a bit

And when it was bare

It was still just ...there

Standing proud

Putting up with it all

Reminding me 

To do the same

Those determined little buds

Packed full of potential

Showing how essential

It is to live in hope

Of a new ...

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A Poetic Heart

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A poetic heart always finds meaning

A poetic girl never stops dreaming

A poetic being is inspired by life

A poetic man always finds a wife

Sometimes the right words

Can be so hard to find

Say it with a poem

And it's engraved on the mind

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entry picture

The Alarm was ringing

It was time to wake up

Had to face it

I was truely stuck

But I wasn't even still in my bed

The trouble was

I'd been caught in my head

The life I was living

Was like a hazy dream

And I kept on wondering

What did it mean?

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time passes

Thinking Man's Crumpet

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Scrolling through his gallery

Wondering what he sees in me

Look at her there

With her long blonde hair

This one's beautiful skin

And her so thin

But the gallery of my thoughts

All he can find 

In my mind

That's what keeps 

Him here

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body imagebody soul

Moth in Moonlight

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Now outgrown the cradle

Of my coccoon

No longer fearful

What the dark conceals

For my wings are headed

To what the moon reveals

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inspired by our world around melife and nature

A Dating Conversation

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Girl- We're on a date

         You arrived late

          And look at the state 

         Of You


Guy- I'm 20 years older

         I should have told ya

         But you were kinda 

         Sold on

        My Soldier stories

       I know you're going beserk


      Maybe we can still make this work

Girl- What was he thinking?

         My h...

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*Tramsendental Love*

entry picture

Here we both are

Side by side

Just for a few moments

On this Tram ride

Sharing a space

But in two different zones

Scrolling our screens

In the world of our phones

Who is he texting?

Well I wouldn't know

When he gets off

Where will he go?

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