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Frozen Time

Ticking Clocks

In cold ice blocks

Frozen, Melting


Tear drops drip

With every tick

Light years keep on flying

Love found it's place

In empty space

Leaving lovers feeling lost

Can hearts read maps,

Bring fire back,

Or forever tread

On Frost?

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Picture PromptTime


On hearing the latest study from RHS on how effective gardening is for boosting your physical & mental health....


A boost for the body

A balm for the soul

Go grab your shovel

Take up your trowl

Dig up your past

Remove all the weeds

Moving on fast

By planting new seeds

Reach for the sun

As you grow 

Your success

New life has begun

A gardener is blessed


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#news #health #nature

Harold in Lockdown

A dumb waiter

Waiting for it to end


Not so much a


But a home staying

The betrayal of

New year celebration

Here in the room

Consuming thoughts

Of the old times

Slight ache in heart

The caretaker of memories

In this No man's land

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#HaroldPinter #Lockdown #Newyear

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