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We wake to the rumbling thunder of blood,
Pumping hearts, twisted hearts, this shadow and I
Squeeze into these thick silences of trees.
Soon the dark lights of Christmastide afflict us
Twilight memories drift, flux and flicker
In this breeze of Time,
Penumbra-beginning hologram-end, my friend,
Such pungent affirmations, slip into the past:
Generations of suffering: eyes lifted to...

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one poor cow one poor cow eater


motorway gridlocked

behind a cattle transporter.


Through a snout sized vent,

you sniff at the air of freedom 

head occasionally turning side on

so that one eye at a time can stare at guilty me


who knows as I can imagine you might do

in telling me with what I feel is such an accusatory 

death frightened stare

how I mouth-wateringly help to shorten you...

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Can’t you hear it!


That voice!

What voice?

The voice of silence!


Peaceful that, isn’t it?


Are you awake?

I’m creeping out for a jar.

Was it something I said?

I wish……..

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Also by Philipos:


Alice Springs 1999

Here. On the other side of the 

world, the truth is over exposed 

for history’s whim. A discoloration.


Here. The locals sneer at the English, 

restrict oxygen to the indigenous,

cannot understand the word, ‘generous’.


Here. Convenience forgets kindness, buries

a bone so it won’t grow. Flies cultivate on

hate. This ‘here’ is anywhere, but there.




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New Buds

The old man stepped out into the garden and stood in the sunshine. Warm, yes, but not too warm to work. He collected the battered barrow from the shed. In it a kneeler and a bucket containing gloves, a trowel and secateurs.

There had been five weeks without significant rain and at the end temperatures had been up in the mid to high thirties. Now, after some good downpours, the garden was just ...

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Don't Try This At Work.

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I don't know if you've noticed and I don't know if you care,
But I've taken all my clothes off and am standing here bare.
It took a lot of confidence, it took a lot of drink,
Perhaps you'd like to have a look and tell me what you think.


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To the heavens

On this icy night

I look to the stars

With questions

And teary eyes


I surrender

To the heavens

And embrace 

The chill in my veins


Standing still





My soul

Filled with hope

I still believe

I will love again

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I wanna be one of the noisy boys

I wanna be one of the boys,

striding about with power tools

showing off my toys.


I wanna get kitted with engines fitted

that smell and cut and chop,

things with extensions of massive dimensions

the biggest in the shop.


I'll cut my way through night and day

creating havoc wherever I go,

be a very noisy neighbour

reaping tro...

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Also by ray pool:


Gratefulness is Happiness

Ever notice how the grateful are always happy? 

Even through a storm, 

they’re smile never dampens. 

The ungrateful, however, are never happy. 

While swimming in a sea of abundance,

they drown wanting.



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On A Wing and A Prayer

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A very private piece I posted on my Public Blog, this morning.  Please come and tell me what you think.


   On A Wing and A Prayer


I came into this world on a wing and prayer.

Soon my innocence robbed, my spirit I don't know where.

Born by anger, confusion and sin.

I hid my pain, and my fear I kept within.


During my youth, my innocence a...

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Onto the next miscalculation


You lined them up 

By height and weight


On paper they’ve cost thousands 

Their descriptions sounded professional 


Yet now make you cringe

You watch the audience’s expressions


And you adjust your figures


As dreams and memories blur

Your past is constantly changing


Allowing you to produce  

an infinite number


Of recently-refurbished...

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On a London bus

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Trudging tiredly home one evening

stopped dead on wet pavement, astonished

a wonderful polished obsidian head

perfectly shaped like a jetblack Nefertiti

with brilliant many coloured headwrap

from some far sunseared land

flaming in the northern gloom

seen through the dingy raindropped

window of a litup London bus

one dire dark  damp December night

a long time ago.

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Leonardo da Vinci |

booze broken

Like most pleasures

drinking alcohol is only nice they say

when downed in moderation.




I've floored reservoirs enough of the damned stuff

troubled too many emergency services too many times

seen the death list of friends rise and rise.


A typical friday night and across the road

they are lifting the palatic off the pavements

while I am vomiting in the ba...

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Finding place and purpose in life

through love is always a contrast

between good and bad the 

beautiful and ugly so when I

met you for the first time I didn't

see any difference from what had 

gone before why would I why would 

anyone see that you were unique 


a room without you in it is empty

just getting on a bus with you

is beautiful or jumping in a taxi


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In my seventy sixth year I've seen a lot

And I've endured a lot for what I've got.

So did my parent's generation before,

And they taught me to grin when life was raw.

Loss and less were facts of life

For those who survived grievous strife;

But always hardy...always humble...

Captured in words like "musn't grumble".

No social security in existence...

They got by with graf...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Fragments "What Cannot Be Stolen"

A library of empty books is every child. To put your mark upon virgin pages is either to embellish or stain.

Curiosity gave birth to the curious cat. Every questioner is killed by the answer.

Nonsense contains the inner wisdom of absurdity.

Elegance pleases beauty and love is our tutor.

Philosophers use words to create new skies. Nietzsche the unfurling of a storm. Wittgenstein a sky w...

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Such a blessed character

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Such a blessed character

Tuesday,30th July 2019


Why did God make the woman?

and sent among human beings

to suffer insults

and build disrepute!


was she destined to suffer?

and offer no resistance

look, not in the eyes

and even try


the world knows her hidden identity

real doyen of divine beauty

to take care of a troubled land

and befriend all


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when they ask me

what i'm doin'

i always say nuttin


it's the best answer

for all those nosy people

who expect you to say



nuttin gives you time

to dream

which is a fancy way

of saying i sleep a lot


nuttin is a good excuse

especially if you're old like me

and get plum worn out

by all the busy work of

doin' somethin'



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I am


You don’t see me

when you airbrush

fill, lift, 


You don’t see me

when you homogenize, 




My skin’s not alabaster.







My curves don’t conform

to your limited map

of bosom and butt.

My body



its own sweet



I am 


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body imagegrowing olderstrong women

It's OK to Cry

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It's OK to Cry


First half


When I read what I have writ

Emotions sometimes ride

Up from deep within me

But tears I try to hide.




“Crying is not a sign of weakness

but a sign of strength to have the

courage to show deep emotion”


Maria O'Hare



Second half


So when I read what I have writ

Maria makes me tr...

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the best of food

Favourite food


The food I like is meat especially pork

Cooked till the bones part from the flesh

Served with cabbage, carrots and spuds

Cooked together with the pork

I never order beef because I dislike chewing

As it is usually an ordeal.

However, I like liver cooked the same way as

The pork, fish too if it is free of the annoying

Little spiny bones which are an app...

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Train of thoughts...

You don't know the title of something until you start writing it.

Same goes for life. You gotta start (writing), trying new things, exploring life's available opportunities. Do the dirty work until you finally land on something that you love and go for it.

I might try this or that, but I still might not have found "the thing." If you feel you're in the same boat, the only way to find your wa...

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rise up


It was the moment when you became my everything

It was long before I was willing to admit it

It was long before I even started to deny it

It was long before I could no longer ignore it

It was long before I was able to accept it

It was long before I began to embrace it

It was that first accidental conversation

It was nothing more than a passing comment

It was as important as...

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You Take With You The Music

When you go you take with you the music.

I am left with that solitary moment of injustice inquiring oneself.

Of a rhythm occupying palpitations that waver blood into a certain sea of red entering the stratosphere…


There I sink and live in my liveliest.


There, I sleep within a maddening cocoon. Dreams yearn the chisel of your rough hands…Fluorescent fish and waves harbor a dan...

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Real Is Rare

The real is rare,

The fake doesn't care...

One who ought to be dear;

Alas! Brings despair.


My search goes everywhere,

To meet the one who's sincere.

That one supposed to bring cheer,

And no trick play, only an option fair.


Happiest I was when he was near,

He wouldn't let my eyes shed a tear...

In my loneliness I sometimes still fear,

Where I lost him, why...

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Also by ai ou:

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Silver Lining

I was looking for no remedy 
Burning into the silver lining
I trying being my old self but you still remain 
I just want to be the best me I can be 
I feeling like there's a stranger in my skin
It's been this way for too long 

So hold on to fading memory of me 
One day your understand 
I can't be anyone without you 

When the wind blows it feels so hollow 
That time can't be right 

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Slink in the grey and look upon what's left
Shrouded memory of the greatest theft

Earth is still here yet corruption flows from it
By human hands we breath the plastic

Love convenience and don't give a fuck,
Let others swim in the filth, in the muck

Feigned concern and loose conviction
World on fire yet what mild trepidation

Who cares about the future if it's not yours?
Praise cor...

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Also by Heart of Lead:

Modern Crusader | The Old Lands |



winter's kiss
full moon
rising soon
13 a year
star studded dance
universe expands
planets align
space and time
human suspension
outer dimension
rocket man
in a tin can
strumming along
to Major Tom
view below
magic globe
shooting for mars
endless vast
holes of black
fire ball
night falls
marvel at
the wonder of it all

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS2 by cindy lee loucks

Everything- An Etheree

The hermit worships at the mountain top

He prays at the doom below his feet

bellows loud to hear his echo

and sings dirges to the gorge.

A muffled commotion

slowly wakes him up

tambourines, lute

His suave bride

“My sweet




that creased brow

shed that black cloth

the mourner's garment

break the solemn silence

clad yourself in white ...

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sleeping with penguins

quiet music from the room

the Penguin Café Orchestra

swinging something classical


through the open window

birds singing


I stand at the door

a soft sheet wraps her waist


against a breast

our new-born son

makes contented baby sounds


her milk trickles his chin


both are sleeping


I climb on the bed

lean my head


and put m...

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With Allah...I can , so i will.

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Aspirations...Where we are and where we want to be?

My aspirations have always focused on being a world-renowned, bestselling author, however, i have found great value in fact, total gratification in knowing my pieces help people whether i get paid or not.

Where i come from...where i am...and where i want to be is a constant and ongoing journey.

I have come very far from the young girl wh...

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depressionfighterlosssadsuicidalsurviving suicidesurvivor

Memory of existence

What a peaceful thought.

That you do not hold my heart as you once did before.
To look at you and feel nothing in return,
to be free of your soul.
My mind is at peace and so is my soul.
Yet you reach for me to be part of you at times,
It is not something I yearn for anymore.
What a peaceful thought has come to mind.
You do not hold my soul anymore and I will forever be ...

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(I've always felt this site lacked a poetry and recipe fusion post.  Here's one from the Lumpwood King)


For those of us that barbecue we sometimes find we wish

We might forego the pork or lamb and barbecue some fish;

But this is problematic; you’ll find this once you start

Cos tasty though as most fish is it’s prone to fall apart;

Now remedies are possible; it could be wrapped ...

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Also by John Coopey:


Walking with wishes

Oh! this house I pass daily

where my fantasies live

and dreams could be born

the unaccountable times my heart had

and still knocks on its door

the windows I keep looking in

like those of your soul

hoping that one day I will see myself inside

finally coming to life.



Stef Wilde

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long days and distractions
sunglasses reflecting scenes

of caramel-skin boys skipping school
to play stickball in the streets

endless nights punctuated
by the sounds of Cuban heels

tattooed upon our memories

--mementos, like hanging red sunsets
etched in rosegold and tempered steel...

when it all goes bad
like forged passports and spoiled milk

we'll always have Miami...

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Tempest brewed

entry picture

Don't you know
it's just a rage
a tempest brewed
from grape not sage-
in all the world
there's not a stage
not tread by feet already.

And so I bow
and bid me out
you cared for nought
nor gave a shout
as all that is
will come about
with out you being ready.

words and foto T Carroll...

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Speechless naked feet

Speechless naked feet

Brush the boards

Where carpets are bare to tread

In threadbare pile

Of warm worn through

Early spring sun

Long legs languid and fair

With hairs that stand up

Feeling the fresh air rush of the tingling chill

Coming up through floorboard cracks

And the regular slap of skin against wood

As she walks in just an old man’s shirt

Running the fing...

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Also by Martin Elder:

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I listen to the news but I got confused

I remember the frogs were dying and the sea stars Banda Aceh Fukushima Haiti Lennon was shot I saw pictures of men on the moon there is a singularity whose picture I missed along with the Taliban Boko Harum Joseph Kony there are geriatrics in Guantanamo who need to pee often and spit yellow phlegm into cups that can never be made sharp Castro died and rai...

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Also by Adam Rabinowitz:

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current eventsprosetry

My Entity

Wherever I go,
there you are.

I see you
in stormy skies. 

I feel you
in twilight. 

I smell you 
among the pines.

I hear you 
whispering at night. 

I taste you  
in the words of every love poem. 

You are nowhere to be found,
yet always around.

My entity,
you are the part of me I long to set free.

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There is only one

There is only one


Occasionally when a moment of silence arrives

I pause for a time of deep reflection and lost hope

Through the corridors of my mind

I seem always to arrive in the La Plaza

which is embedded in my mind as an ageless painting

The sun shines as people promenade

beneath the fronds of overhead palms

Children with cornets, some on their fathers´shoulders


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There must be a way

Is there a way to be

The poison you turn to

Your best enemy

When demons hover around

Your burning flesh?


Is there a way to be

One of a thousand monks

Kneeling face down


On the cold, raw stones

Of your bodily temple?


Is there a way to be

A thorn in your side

To remind you of

The excruciating pain of

Not touching you?


There mus...

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Let’s make a pact
let these shadows hold us
swaddled in secrecy
and breathing quickly
I see you draw in close to me
sense those lips loosening
my foundation questioning
the forcefield of your sly grin
and the delicacy of those fingers
upon me

Let’s make a pact
let this moment be our blueprint
to not accept a fading
or a softening of this urgency
I feel that magnetic pull...

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Mill worker mates. For Wendy Higson.

Charabanc to seaside outing

and in being with them all

out went the tide drudge of work

in came the tide of pure enjoyment.


Skirts tucked in knicker legs

little screams when they couldn't jump high enough

to stop cold seawater from chilling higher up moon white legs


small laugh inspiring shocks

later laid to rest with hot fish and chips

followed by a couple of ...

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Blowing the Whistle

It's not Jesus, it's just a fella he said

and with that the cat was out of the bag

They rolled away the stone

to find the escaped old lag

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The Something

There’s a great big Something sitting at my door,

it sits there and watches but no more. 

Somethings are rare and don’t happen very much, 

so of course I’m confused as to what to do with it.

As I look at the Something, it looks back at me

and shows me the wonderful things it could be. 

It shows me what I could have done,

could have been,

could have bought,

could have see...

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Also by Elle Shaine:

Imagination |

Chaotic Poet

Water proof Kohl & tears unrolled.

Kiss proof lipsticks and smudged life.

Social network sites and selfies,

emoticons to express joy and grief.

Diet,detox and fitness in mind.

but it's happy hour in our favorite bar?

All efforts to make peace,

but how does it end up in a war?

music to soothe the soul,

home decor,windows,drapes and blinds.

there are also relationships ...

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Alternate Sexualities

When you exit the womb and enter air

The only 'given' beyond birth is that you will die,

Whether fate be fulfilled in minutes, or years.

In our current, human history

The 'given' already exercised was:

Your 'life' required both male and female.


From the moment of conception is rejection

Hard-wired into creation

And thus - the blind thrust of re-creation: SEX!

On suc...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

'Brownie' Monster! | Television Moon | SCHIZOPHRENIA | Less 'Me' and More 'US' | WEDDING RECEPTION |


You see but do not observe

You hear but do not listen

You speak but do not talk

You touch but do not feel

You care but do not love


We smile but not amused

We hug but not embrace

We fight but not argue

We walk but not travel

We are together but apart

That’s us

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Also by Noya:

Eyes |

The Man Who Thinks Too Much




The Man Who Thinks Too Much



He’s the man who thinks too much

The man who thinks too much

He thinks alcohol is a sturdy crutch

The man who thinks too much


He views the universe through a microscope

Eternal optimist, devoid of hope

He’ll hang himsen, if you give him the rope

He thinks he can manage, but just can’t cope

He thinks too much… the ...

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Also by kJ Walker:

The Ghost Of Our Old Granny |

Whiskey Glass

Why do some look at life through the bottom of a whiskey glass?


Are they looking for a reality that they can not see normally or are they looking at reality?

Do they search for emotions that they have hidden and locked away or are they running from the emotions they have? 

Are they trying to hide from their emotions or are they trying to feel again?

What if they are trying to do a...

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Also by Robert Williams:

My Abyss - A Blackhole | Energy | Battles Wars Crusades | You decide | Enough |

A Night Time Stroll

entry picture

In honor of a night time stroll

I won’t let you down; you should say no more!

Here, take my hand.  Let’s walk out this door

to be young again, like we did before…


The air will be warm, a balmy night

We’ll grab beers to go and a smoke to light

As we make our way down an empty street

moon light, flood light, crickets on repeat


At the end right there an ancient house...

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Also by Rebecca:

One Final Hurt | Bloodstone |



Ask yourself this - 

living in a world of things,

what brings meaning 

when the only inevitability is change?


Don't live to own,

no satisfaction ever came from possession.

The most beautiful flower ever grown

can only be appreciated if left alone.


And you are this flower -

wild and free.

You define the moments.

Don't stifle, grow.

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Also by Wallflower:

Two Lives Together Estranged | A Conversation | Strange Tides | Forget-Me-Not | Silent Battles | Valiant Valkyrie | What Was Left of Me Is Now History: | Untitled |

An Old Story

entry picture

Broken hearts practice the role

day after day.

Its an ordeal.

A metamorphosis or ecdysis.

A retribution or reward.

After a long spell of shower,

a wink.

They did their part well.

Have you heard the silent scream?




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(untitled) | Debt |

Memento Mori

entry picture


I have a Glass Skull.
You with eyes to see
a busybody bustle about
know that nothing can be hidden.
And how my mystery remains intact.
I have a Glass Skull
or snowdome that's been smacked.
You'll clearly sense combustible ambition
in shows of electric activity but,
for what exactly?
I have a Glass Skull
as documented in high definition,
filmed and followed on-line,
tapped by dete...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

A Delicate Bridge | Beauty In The Scales | Dream Will Not Wait | The Benefit Gig | Mutualdisappointment | More About Clouds | These Days As Ever | Architectural Movements |


Us up late shit talking, feels like nothing changed 

youll send me something cheesy and I’ll smile

You repeating a story I’ve heard 100th Times 

me on the edge of seat knowing what will happen next 

me smiling and nodding, Loving your story; your life

 Nothing but a blanket separating up.

thats the past.

Now were two different people, trying to find a purpose.

 Never on tim...

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Also by Yakuti:

Anxiety | 5am |

Younger bones

How age aches - for younger bones

firmer flesh

How wrinkles gorge - on smoothest skin

their harts content

And how my hart lives - for every beat   

for every breath 

For my love - my life - I breathe - for you              


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different windows |


Speak to be heard 
speak to make sound 
speak loud proud
yet not so proud 
bold tell the untold 
the words are there
upon the air 
just pick them out 
do not try do not care
fail to exceed perfection 
will never greet ye



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Also by MyDystopiA:

Deadwood |


Pitter patter of the rain
used to remind me of,
muddy shoes and smelly toes..
But now, it reminds me of,
easy conversation,
merry laughter
& a journey I could have

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Why you make her cry?
Does it really hurt inside?
Bed sheets are cold
All my blood is gone

Curative intent
Chained to my wrist
Empty inside
Eat my heart

What have you done?
All my bruises are dumb
Swollen lymph nodes
Tiny red spots

Epistaxis of my life
Give her a break
And let her smile
All my life is on that bed

Infectious disease
Why don't you let the leukocytes breath?

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The Future Has Been Cancelled

Due to fiscal constraints the future has been canceled

We understand many of you had plans, though

And we’re all for refunding our customers, ergo

You’ll receive in the mail compensation

Accurate of course to your personal station

You see due to a breach of our ethics clause

I can’t give you the details, of course--

We’ve wrapped up production on this round of humanity

It t...

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Also by Josie Harris:

Love it or Leave it | (untitled) |


What’s stuck sticks starkly inside time

Your words, they tangle inside mine


Why listen when we do not hear

Why talk when we are most unclear


Why try to rhyme, define what’s queer

Painstakingly weave atmosphere


Into comfort, erase fear

A tired manner, old and sheer


Keeping pace, each other’s peers

Wandering through future years


Don’t trip, don’...

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Also by Sarah Dar:

To Be | Live Some | Preservation | Limits | You |




I live where the best of poetry exists between

the lines; the place is full of corpses decomposing

in drawers and other half-forgotten places. I go

back every now and then; dig them up and ask

if they have anything new to say, or did our conversation

finish long ago. I sift through the remains of lost

loves and dreams, long abandoned to their fate;

looking for clues as t...

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Also by trevor homer:


Take a walk on the wild side

Step from the road of the known into the wild of the unknown.

My guide, the divine pulling me 3 finger widths beneath my last known uplink.


Wonders of the world exist all at once, spanning the confines of time.

I visit myself as a child and young adult.

Give hope to the past, while gaining wisdom from the future.

Crude oil refined into the supreme.

Let's suffer together.


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Walk The Paths Well Trodden By The Brave

Walk the paths well trodden by the brave,

Live boldly my son, embrace your fears and let them drive you on,

Be master of your hurts not slave,

Value the story in your scars, pity those that have none.


Treasure every tear that rolls on your cheek,

Let them fall on barren ground knowing their waters bring life,

Their salt does not cleanse the lips of the meek,

In the same w...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Bye Dad | Atrophy | Life And Its Alternatives |

Let Justice Prevail (A 7-Up)

Surely, deforestation

is genocide by default?

To wilfully execute

such wanton atrocities

on future generations

undoubtedly constitutes

crimes against humanity.

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Also by Richie Muster:

They Be The Worst (Apologies to Mr. L.) | Iron (For Him) |

The fabric of society

entry picture

The fabric of society


Our earth is held together

And yet is torn apart,

By spider webs of commerce

With neither soul nor heart.


We buy cheap clothes in Britain

And claim material needs

Whilst in Bangladesh and India

Children suffer for our greed.


The leisure wear we chill in

Comes at a heavy price

As youngsters toil for fourteen hours

Their leisur...

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Also by eve nortley:

Demi Stalker | Ecologists Haiku | I Wish... | Outside Walmart | It's War | OUTSIDE TIME |

Never be forgotten

The metamorphosis

was a planned operation,

and everything they did

went as smooth as silk,

but what they didn't expect

was the abominable reaction

of the normally patient, decent people,

the bile and the caustic outbursts,

all of the hate that spewed out

into the space around them.

Shocked, they fled and hid in the hills

until the tumult had died down.

They coul...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Treedom | The Quiet People | Colour - Gold | Incessant time | Always worth holding on | My lost flower | Hardy folk |


Falling In and Out of Love




Full of starry eyed glee




Feeling whole and complete




                                          Becoming two as one


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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

Happy Tuesday | Your Pain | What Flavor Are You | How I Came to be an American | What's in a Name | HOPE | FEEL | THINK | What is Art & Who is an Artist | 5WH - Short Poem Challenge (in the Discussions section) | Smile | My Poetry | Death | Oasis |

Poetry - The painting of soul

Words are the colors,

on the strokes of thoughts,

the beautiful the thoughts, 

mesmerizing is the painting 

enchanting the soul,

also known as poetry. ❤️✨

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Also by Ankita Srivastava:

Darkness and light | Diva | Rose - Petals or Prickles | Just let it fly |

Storm of Hatredness!

There was a storm of hatredness

That Storm hit me with

Ugly Expressions

Wrong Interpretations

False Allegations

Mental tensions

Murderous actions

Extreme emotions and pains

Screams and cries

That storm was something which I can’t define

How much it ruined me

How much they grilled me with their twisted lies

It’s wondering how they got such strength

To trod me ...

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Also by Bindu Trigunayak:

I wish to have peace of mind.. |

liplit (07/24/2019)

beneath veneers and gallows' grins 


An underworld of chiding hymns 


taken jagged between razor hail


of pulses oscillating there.


an ocean of parapets

surging to a wave so big

you could live a lifetime before it breaks 


these cherished, rooftop conversations 

champions of these ides of summer 

buried in that 3am sincerity 


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Also by Zach Dafoe:

things I see when I close my eyes |

lip smokes abstracts

soul mates

Let's let our thoughts tango and let our souls mate

my heart on my sleeve, on display

she is my armor, forever with fervor

worth the search for, pain couldn't hurt more

Her radiance blazes, visually a spectacle

her calming presence.

In essence, my mind linger.

Drift off to the cosmos. to a place where space and time coincide

I see her constellation and engage, warp drive


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earthlovelove makingnaturePainpoetryshapelessspiritualspiritual bondspirituality

Ga Ga Rhyme

Ga Ga romama

Poker face

She’s misplaced

Katy Perry

Mungo Gerry

Iggy Pop

Please don’t stop

Foo Fighters

All nighters

Fag lighters

Ga ga rhyme 

Rock and roll

Drill and soul

Rap and r ‘n b

Music mix


Breaks the mould

And man

it sets you free

The Urban Poet 2019


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Also by Rick Varden:

The Enemy Within | Blind Date |


CHASTE KISSES AND CONSTELLATIONS                                  

Long love loses the passion of love’s beginning –

it is an unlike love that differs more with each day spent,

the grown oak as to the acorn that has just found vigour

by rooting firm in fertile soil.

Oak that cheats understanding, it barely bends to high winds

and after, blown, refreshed, grows only stronger.



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Also by Peter Taylor:


And I bleed

There is no 


There are no 


You walk

And watch them 


You talk

And you see their 



Hear their lips


But understand 

Not a word they


Though the sounds 

Are familiar 

The sincerity 

Is heart felt as 

Long as you 

Don’t care


To feel the


I don’t know

What I’m 


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Also by Twilbury Wist:

lost and forgotten souls | Absent |

When I die...

When I die
They'll not be a cloud in the sky
They'll be riot vans
With megaphones
All around the haligonian streets
As the public are treated to ska at 140 beats

A group of mourning maidens
Will be in black on every street corner
With a "punk with a northern soul" t shirt to adorn her
The ladies and friends I have admired
Will be quoted in high regard
And my adversaries will be silenc...

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Funnypoetrypunk poetry

Someone Identified the Masculine Voice

The male poet overcompensates
With poems of unbridled bravado,
Giving unwanted details of
Disemboweling a deer with
Bare handed desperation.

He counts his sexual conquests
With disquiet and undue clarity,
Each sweaty fumble declared
Victory over inadequacy and
Untold performance anxiety.

Somebody once called him queer
And set him on a course of
Toxic masculinity, but the
Voice tha...

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Also by Randy Horton:

Whispers of Su Dongpo in Bamboo Sway | No One Will Be There But Jesus | Poetry is Regional |

Light and Darkness


Creeping slowly

Reaching the soul

Leaving nothing in its wake

But utter despair


Spreading rapidly

Engulfing the heart

Sealing the cracks and healing the heart 




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Also by jami:

Time |

DR reading "Epona" on Linda Thomas's Book Show - Radio Scilly 17 June 2019

entry picture

This is my own edit of an appearance I made on Radio Scilly last month. I've been a frequent visitor to the islands for twenty-five years, and they feature a lot in my work.

Linda Thomas is Scilly's estimable librarian, and it's great to be able to give her this shout-out as she's been a real champion of my work for several years now. The show itself was a blast (although you may not get that f...

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CornwallfolklorehorsesmythsrocksScillystonesWest Country



Chanting prayers, dreaming of ships just beyond the horizon,

Another day, another hour, just another minute he wishes to live.

No other choice but one, no other food, no other flesh but his own.

No other way to feed his unfortunate child.

In the middle of nowhere, on this desolate rock, he cut his upper arm.

Blood, not a drop allowed to waste, meat, sickening yet juicy sweet


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Frozen or falling; I feel like rain

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Also by Sophie:

Flies | We are not your fucking pets. | In the shower |


the second my eyes caught your gaze,

i’ve been consumed with a powerless craze

i saw you.


your knife sits inside me stuck

but the high from this adrenaline rush 

i get through.


the two of us in a room:

please don’t leave, i better leave soon

turn me blue.


say my name in conversation 

dials up a full body sensation

this is new.


i resent the wo...

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distancelove poetrypoemsRomantic poems


të godasin
ti qëndron, palëkunjur
të përgojojnë
ti s’bëzan
të çnjerëzojnë
ti reziston
ti e përbuzura
e përunjtura 
e nëperkëmbura
ende qëndron
dhe atëherë
dhe përherë


ti je grua
je nënë
që krijove botën
që ti synon ta rrënosh
ti grua 
ti heroinë
që dhurove jetë
e mëshirove
ti grua, ti nënë
ti heroinë   

Manhattan, New York

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Also by Sebahate J. Shala:

Ti, Dhunuesi | Bacit Fil |

Friday, June 21, 2019 11:48 AM

I find myself asking many questions.

They are often easy to answer, and,

without a second thought, the answers are

hard to question.


I ask

What makes someone perfect?


Perfect is giving all of you to everything you do,

Perfect is achieving success no matter the sacrifice,

Perfect is the absence of flaws.


But I am not perfect.

I am riddled with fears and ...

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Ik muhabbat bhari dastan!!

Beyzubaan meri muhabbat

Kachchi neend so rahi

Koi uthana na ussey

Naumeed ho rahi

Kuch jazbaat kuchley huyey

Armaan ki seij pr

adhorey khwab hain soyey

Kuch bol do na tum

Meri hasraton ko jhinjhordo na

Kachchi neend ki dor ko

Tum yun kaskey thamey raho na

Ujli si ik andheri kiran

Jagmaga rahi us angan

Jahan rehta hai mera sawan

Barso bhi ab tum jhoom key


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Also by Do.RoThy:

Selective information. | On the wings of our love | Kuch toe bolo!! | Seedha rasta (straight path) | Jhilmil sitarey (twinkling stars)) | Kasak!! | Ik nazam apkey naam!!! |


"There is no sin except stupidity." Oscar Wilde -The Critic as Artist.


Mea culpa! Mea culpa!

Nostra maxima culpa!

Thus should we weep, we cry

As it all ends with a whimper, a sigh

It is the people's will, they say

Proroguing to get their glory day

Your vote was for an ideal state

For nation, borders, Keep Britain Great

Now, your vote means a total schism

As we se...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

The Land |

BrexitChurchillEUEuropean UnionOscar Wildesin

A girl wish

A girl wish from her love is only to make her feel out of the world,   

Surprising very few are able to feels though..

make her feel she is the most beautiful girl that exists for u, 

Sad part is ur man’s eyes cannot get still just on u..

If getting most expensive gifts is comes with true love, than it would have been so easily affordable..

But true love needs ur affection, attentio...

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Also by Mini S:

Wish to go back |

Ocean eyes

If you really knew me,

Maybe you'd see,

Through my drowsy blue eyes

Into a raging sea.


Like crows, your sight flies

to the sparkling sheen coating my irises,

The glimmer of a thousand tiny pearls.


But they are a legacy,

Far too romantic for the tidal wave that

Dumped them in my world.

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Also by Astrid:

What's the point? |

Hate on Tap

Hate on Tap






Three-word chant

Three-word chant

Three-word chant


Rouse the mob!

Rouse the mob!

Rouse the mob!


Hate on tap

Hate on tap

Hate on tap


Sexist Trump

Racist Trump

Mister Trump:


No more of that




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Let's Pretend

entry picture

Let’s pretend its November, a sky full of rain.

Let’s pretend its December, frost on the pane.

Let’s pretend it’s my birthday, when I’m 61.

Let’s pretend its winter, with all our woollies on!

Let’s pretend its January, a blizzard on the way.

Let’s pretend today is the years shortest day.

Let’s pretend the shivering trees are still bare.

Let’s pretend its New Year, celebrations...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Storm |


stranger to my eyes

i shape you as i want

a saviour a life

a thought that taunts


a need to fulfil

an escape of what is real

a message a chill

runing through my spine


longing for words

a machine a drill

walking through halls

to cut my reach


an urge a need

a longing for deep

for something that may not

be even real

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Also by racha:

easy roads |

Cerdd y dydd: Diwrnod chwech

I was a little disappointed in my memory today

Turns out one book was two books

Though probably because the events of the second book

Could have fit at the end of the first

Ahhh, editing

Research ruins childhoods

A movie you loved

When you were small

Watched with adult eyes

Oh, God, it's horrible

Hollywood doesn't ruin childhoods

It just displays the bad taste


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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Cerdd y dydd: Diwrnod pump | Cerdd y dydd: Diwrnod pedwar | Cerdd y dydd: Diwrnod dau | Cerdd y dydd: Diwrnod un | Martina McBride had it right |


Here I stay in a place I haven’t yet known sitting as an anxiety infused soul. 

I am not a being wrapped in flesh but a being wrapped in fear. 

It’s the uncertainty of the unknown that bothers me, what I won’t know till later and the things staring me down but I can’t see. 

The oblivion of tomorrow is what gets me. 

I let the worry choke me until I’m too worn to fight back any longer, ...

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Velvet shoes

Get mystic--
Legalistic fairy tales...

Off the rails.
Can't count past ten

Reverse energy
Contemplate radio waves..

Syncronized swimming and decadence

Bestowed crowns with jewels 
and emeralds..

Love is a distant memory 

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Also by Pagan Poetry:

Time and Place |

Summer walks

I walked all afternoon until the sun cracked a thing more fragile than a face 

I saw them on their phones always waiting for love

like it was a strange gossip

I've stopped walking to write a sudden thought poem 

the thought gets lost in the process

I cross the river and bathe my feet

Writing on the hoof is prone to typos

I watch tourist map to there destinations

Being alone...

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Also by Neil Francis Brooks:

The awful punctuation | Soft translations from a unknown language | Outside a gallery | Proving a circle |

Summer of love

The Chase

entry picture

Grey blur

lightning speed

tree acrobatics

chasing, scurrying

playing catch

squirrel style.


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Fascinating creatures

invisible Army

to be controlled
like really controlled
no exeption the effort
my life you hold

I yes Me
as it stands
to be confined in the palms of your hands

My talents and gifts
do they not matter
as you clench your fists
my soul does shatter

so why did you send me down
I ask
to disguise my beauty
behind this mask

a delicate flower
 the Art god mastered
hardened cemented
pebble dashed and pla...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:

a life shorter than a day | the colours we can't see but I see | Back to square one | The Band With Five Hands |

ADHDASDaspergersAutismlight workersspiritual

Behind the Stone

Behind the Stone


Upon the stone face of the world

the laughter of trees; the scars

of the battles of sun and snow.

Behind the stone, 

the graves of lost streams

and printed in rock, 

the fish of a swallowed sea:

locked in the ripples of time,

the clock of a billion years.


Upon the stone face of an old man

the scars of a war, the lines

etched in channel...

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old ageTime

February Poem - 4:45pm

entry picture

February Poem - 4:45pm

When standing still  
I can see you have arrived 
in such a subtle state 
But thoughtful and dynamic
deeper and more frightening 
Into something so uninterrupted,

in all your bright 
and silent lights  
I fight against
your bitter wind

I want you to know that 
Your landscape amazes me
with your city lights flickering
In the background
streaks of vibr...

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