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February Poem - 4:45pm

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February Poem - 4:45pm

When standing still  
I can see you have arrived 
in such a subtle state 
But thoughtful and dynamic
deeper and more frightening 
Into something so uninterrupted,

in all your bright 
and silent lights  
I fight against
your bitter wind

I want you to know that 
Your landscape amazes me
with your city lights flickering
In the background
streaks of vibr...

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Bye Dad

The clocks missed a beat today,

Moments marked by incisive ticks,

Fused into one stretched pause in time,

As you stepped away,

From the arms of those around you,

And into the arms of those gone before.

Only to feel their warmth once more.

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"My Interpretation"

"My interpretation," the defendent said,

"Is that a faulty vehicle made that man dead,"

"My interpretation," the banker professed,

"Is that your own investments belong in my own vest,"

"My interpretation," the sheepish surgeon said, 

"Is that this post-op patient was killed by this bed,"

"My interpretation," one cheating spouse cried,

"Is that you'd hate the truth and prefer I...

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It’s harder than you think to disappear,

to lose yourself then reappear, with no trace of why

or what went before.

You can get lulled into a false sense of security,

become blasé about the little things.

Like never answering the phone when it rings.


There was a shotgun in the cellar, wrapped in hessian sack,

I took it out a while ago, intending to put it back.

When we ...

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Also by trevor homer:


girls in the know

it had been raining all, day,

but that didn't stop her from laughing

because she is one of the girls

that live in each other's lives

where sadness can never be allowed to compete

they simply turn away from it saying,


this is us who have shed our last tears

who will never again lose another moment of happiness

even in our dreams.


They walk through their days as ...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

please don't laugh at this insanely inspired poem called -Seeing three pieces of plastic becoming involved in a love triangle with each other | accelerations | passing into obscurity of an iron horse rider | Earth Angels | Buying new waste |

Refreshing evening!!

Darkness filled the air

Smoked sky spreading

Like the black winged eagle

Winds flew around and round

The parched lips of silent earth

Atlast received the honey drops

Reviving the thirsty tonuge

With fresh drops falling from heaven

As if God himself took pity on us

Ordering the firmament to blow cooler breeze

With seasoned monsoon rain gliding past

Refreshing every ...

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My close friend

entry picture

My close friend

Monday,15th July 2019


Be my close friend

and remain until an end

I shall daily send

the beautiful flowers to remind


the friendship is always great

and elates

with the rousing welcome

when you come to meet


it outbursts the joy

and makes me enjoy

the beautiful gift

given by an almighty to have no rift


when I see you from t...

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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

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Write Yourself


When words run thin

and ideas are slim


start over from where

you might have been


resume the write

let mind expand


and Write to right

yourself again.



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She Looks To The Sea

The harbor torch burns darkly

A once bright and brittle lens

But sugarglass shards

On a pudding thick sea


Dishrags and splinter

Iron and grit

Gull grease and soles

Viscous among the drowned

Thrashing shoals


Refuse huddles wretched

On the blunt granite shore

Clawed by crab

Lapping tongues of tide


But safe harbor waits, waits -

Cracked, broken...

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The Source

How long will you spend 

On your hands and knees,


Bowing to a god

That does not resonate with your soul?


For this is the source

Of all of your darkness.


The light waits patiently 

For your eyes to adjust.  

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sleepless in Cascais

Sleepless in Cascais


 It was a strange night

Couldn’t sleep thoughts and images

Kept churning around and I was

Horrifyingly awake.

This is pointless, got up and drank

Several glasses of water, my brain

Was talking to me and I had no answer.

To distract myself I watched TV, till

Four in the morning slept like a baby

Until noon, the past is a bleak territory.



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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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Bulls Into the Sea. Animal Abuse in Spain

entry picture

Bulls Into the Sea. Animal Abuse in Spain


Bous a la Mar's on the go again

In Spain, for it's people and bulls

After running the main street of Denia

They jump in the sea, pleasing all


Animal Rights have complained a long time

To ban such bull sports across Spain

Claiming it distresses the animals

Again and again and again


Don Matthews July 2019



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Colour - Gold

Wealth and extravagance

have an association with you,

Many a fool falls for your shine

and many have died for you, too


For children we only wish

them to be as good as you,

while some chase just money,

those diggers we eschew.

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

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Crazy Taxi

I've been trying hard not to talk to you
that way we both can move on
I've been trying hard not to call you beautiful
That way I don't tell you goodnight
I sold my soul for you can always be happy
Why do you think I'm dying little lady
The devil has a price it's my life

Don't make me go to Pizza Hut just to start shit with him
I've been feeling like Tobi lately
I think I'm better off in...

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STEPPING OUT                                                                                            

I stand on the edge and lean right out

towards the light, the face of one, of

so much more than someone, just met;

won’t forget the tingling of my skin, the

smell of hers, won’t let this slip, this chance to

be unequivocal, say what must be said,

do what must be done – as t...

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Also by Peter Taylor:



entry picture

In a land of immigration

Paul Revere and Liberty

Welcoming with open arms

Land of Opportunity.

Once a fair and moral nation

Looked upon with admiration

Hands held out with open palms

Welcoming with open arms

Not clenched fists but open palms

Greeted us from o’er the sea

And offered opportunity.


Marches that won integration

Rosa Parks, the Kennedys

Dream ...

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Also by John Coopey:



I could say nothing

and still the thoughts would come,

some questioning in disbelief

like marauding cats, persistent

upon the hauntings of old bones and scraps,

some creative, toying with mayhem

of my own making, and for what?


Still the pictures would come

from the other side of older deaths

that stick to walls

held by winds that blow

from God knows where -


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Also by ray pool:


summer lovin'

summer lovin’


for two wild weeks

in Bridlington,

in Jen’s mind

though not in mine,

we were nothing more

than passing strangers,

holiday romancers,

summer buddies

to flirt with over ices.


or people watch

sipping tall white wine

as plush upholstered hotel evenings

melted into night.

we arm-in-armed the promenade

wearing sunny day outfits


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Also by Rick:

après le déluge | crossing Holderness by bus |

Rose - Petals or Prickles

Petals and prickles, 
beautiful and painful. 
Spread on the path,
somewhere petals,
somewhere prickles. 
Just like the passing phase of life. 
Sometimes stepping on the petals. 
Sometimes hurt by stepping on prickles,

Petals teaching us the kindness,
encapsulating millions of memory in fragrance. 
Prickles being hurtful, 
hiding the drudgery, 
teaching us self defence and making one ...

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Also by Ankita Srivastava:

Just let it fly |


entry picture

She is cursed to always crave

master to the slave

bloodstone to the master

cradle to the grave


He guards his wicked treasure

twilight to the dawn

with a selfishness so absolute

sharing with no one


A drop or two won’t satiate




It leaves her empty, unfulfilled

left to wonder moonlit fields

barren plains of a love gone wrong

a ...

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attentionbloodstonedesirelove poems

Individual Acceptance

Is it me or is it you,

that hates the fact,

that I’m not you?

If it’s me, why do I

look in the mirror wishing,

I was you?

If it’s you, why do you

hate me so true,

cause I’m not like you?

Never mind.

It’s not me!

It’s you!

I now realize why you hate me.

It’s because you hate you,

for love in your heart you never knew,

cause if you had, you’d accept


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Also by DeVaughn:

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Cerdd y dydd: Diwrnod tri

I hate it's the first thing I think

Hangover lingering from my dreams 

There is no response to my error

Just me,  feeling the disgust

Of my brain wanting for me

The cause is so straightforward 

It almost always is

But I have a secret star

And it guides out of the tempting dim

It's aided with glows from all sides

No's in various forms of logic

Unrealistic,  creepy, ...

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shipped out
too soon
under a
bad moon
cross bones
and skulls
force of
a typhoon
trawled through
shocked from
into the
lead filled
stars in
saved own self
in end
spit and
the margin
lost dead
dining o...

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks


Write a poem about it, someone said,

so I wrote 'Poem about it'. That's

not what I meant, she carped. Well

get out your harp and then strum

about what it is, precisely, that

your words are meant to convey.

Ave Maria, I added then. That's not

a poem she said. 'Well actuially it is

I ventured to suggest, at least for

those who have the ears that wish

to know and underst...

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Also by Philipos:


Simply ABC






























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Also by J R Harris:

Look What They’ve Done to My Town Ma (Homage or apology to Melanie Safka) |

5WH - Short Poem Challenge (in the Discussions section)

Who is God
What is religion
Where exactly is the after life
Why are we here
When we die
How will we know the answers

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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

Smile | My Poetry | Death | Oasis |

Dancing Check to Check

twenty left

make the list 
eggs bread
spaghetti sauce bananas

take a glance 
at the library 
and the guitars

nap until 
I get notices 
from the bank account

cancel all plans 
on account 
of diarrhea

gotta have that you gotta have this 
dancing check to check

will change your life and it’ll ship free
next day air

following steps with representatives 
in Manila

my ...

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Please Please Please Please Please Please


Mummy, my leg hurts,
Can I have some sweets?

I don't want to go to grandma's house,
She smells of cupboards.

Why isn't Auntie May married,
Is it because of her nose?

Billy Jenkins has one,
And he's dyslexic.

I went in the bath yesterday
Go and look at the soap.

It was an accident,
I was trying to mend it.

He's not my real dad.




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wilting wallflower ( for Devon )

The dance hall swirlers, and whirlers,

fast figured the floor.

An additional energy seemed born from theirs

and wrapped itself like streamers around

the happily chaotic stompers and twisters.


With my two left-footed incapability to join them

I could only jealously sit gazing in green wonder

as they, to the flashing fingers of guitarists and blurring drumsticks

went on ...

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victims? oh yeah! victims! | an old, old drinking buddy as an example | rediscovery | A DEMENTED CASE OF OMG! AND THEN SOMETHING ELSE i THINK | ARSEHOLE-CUM-ARMAGEDDONS ARSONIST | knock knock-who's not there? | dampened | Lord Lonely | when being soft becomes hard |

Dream Will Not Wait


Everything about you is strange. 
That is, interesting for its own sake,
pressing itself upon the whole body 
of your attention and imagination. Do you see 
the shiver move over tall grass, compelling
evidence a love-lorn god pursues his tryst.

Moving like an astronaut on Mars,
a foreign coin in your hand,
anyone might run after you as if
trying to catch a balloon before it floats ...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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Two poems from the forgotten generations (Reposts, the audio is pertinent)



What beauty comes of war


What beauty comes of war

from all that’s black as blood

from damaged mind and broken bone


What beauty comes of war


What beauty comes of ugliness

from torment trapped in blinding light

from silver landscapes blasted white


What beauty comes of war


Yet how rememb...

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Also by Wolfgar:

Night Sailing | Watching from stage left | Under the pier at Brighton | Krill | Night Sweats |

Nature Freely Gives

Jack In The Green awakens from his slumber

Spring is upon us, nature in all her wonder

Gaze in awe of rebirth, renewal, fertility

Stood deep in the forest, deep within tranquillity


Robin Goodfellow his mischief to perform

Souring milk, trampling crop circles from fields of corn

Tripping those who into the green wood unwary tread

Laughing, yet another traveller away from p...

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Also by Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet:

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#poetry #inspirational #nature #folklore

lost and forgotten souls

We are all lost and forgotten
We all crumble and break in 
Even and yet
Disproportionate ways
We mainly 
Set out to 
Tread wisely 
With shaky steps 
And we all want a
Bit of privacy 
As long as it’s hidden 
By noise 
Until it’s so 
Noisy and 
It’s time to complain 
Short steps 
With long legs 
Are rarely 
And we’re all 
Shouting at the mirror
Expecting it ...

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Also by Twilbury Wist:

Absent |

Jhilmil sitarey (twinkling stars))

I'm a star, burning and melting!!!


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Also by Merey Jazbaat:

Kasak!! | Ik nazam apkey naam!!! |

The Madman and The Lunatic

When the madman and the lunatic met in a formal feast

They spoke of logic and the frequencies of the moon

"I will conquer the world" said the lunatic "fairly soon!"

"Without a doubt, but be warned" my suave blue-blooded beast



"You will scorch the Earth and crush its people in vain,

The order is singular; even though the moon succeeds

The Great King Sun shall always hold...

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Also by Mae Foreman:

Wake Up And Smell Reality | The Summer of my Cynicism (Volume 27) | Mirror Says |


entry picture

Christianity and other myths

by Tommy Carroll


She said: ''You forget about

the fall back position

of Christianity: 


According to the Catholic church 

all 'souls' that had no faith

but were without sin- 

ended up there.

I envisage  

countless babies 

crawling around for eternity, 

crying for their mums!''

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

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Topograpically a slave state

entry picture

Fear in a handful of dust

trust primeval instinct

meet primordial emotion, 

in human error, 

we are never truly free.

escape the prison,  find the sea.

escape the sea,  find the walls.

escape the walls

find a mirror


dread conjures beasts

breaks their slumber,

over the horizon,

it will not be dark forever

Something must give.


oh! spr...

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Red Pencil

entry picture

I am six years old, my pencil breaks
mid-word in Mrs Foster’s class.
So I turn to my friend Martin,
show him the pencil and whisper,
‘Martin, Martin, my pencil has broke.’
‘Use this,’ he says and passes a substitute,
secretly under our desk.
‘But it’s a red pencil, Martin,’ I say.
He smiles a smile. It is an ‘it’ll all be ok’
sort of smile and so I carry on,
copying lines of words I cannot read,
but which I ...

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Also by Jonathan Humble:

How Bad It Is |

It wasn’t easy getting here

The street signs looked a little queer

And altogether directions

didn’t seem to me to be very clear

So I steered myself in the direction of help

And resigned myself to a hike because well

What else am I gonna do with myself?

Put my head up on a shelf

The words within me beckoned

And so I went, I reckon

Because old forgotten rhyme

Within ...

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32 Days of Pain


It’s day 54. 

We’re running behind schedule in this process of healing.



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Also by Sognare Gloire:

32 Days of Pain | Alzheimer’s | 32 Days of Pain |

Pillow prayer.

Soothe me with dreams, dream-maker when I sleep

pour them generously, softly into my sleeping mind

as it escapes from the world.


May each burn brightly

with the flames of,  a beauty, a peace

yet undisclosed to the light of any day


those of a kind my heart has never before felt

those of a kind my eyes have never before seen

those of a kind my soul has ever before b...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

Crying Globe supporter | Come along now human vultures..... | Utterly besotted |


entry picture

Poem 19 of 230: JET

With time-based rail passes,
As many youths still do,
I caught the trains through Europe -
A good time it was, too.

But, late one night that summer,
I ran full-on in vain,
Through quiet streets in Paris,
To catch the London train.

And, at that Paris station,
They closed the doors throughout,
For cleaning through the morning,
Insisting - stragglers out.

So it was th...

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deep cuts too cold to flow
put neil young on the radio
jab a finger in and try to spill 'er
cortez cortez what a killer

contusion blue I stop the bleeding
stop writing the you all over me

black label paste a plaster mask across my face
"organically grown in a cruelty-free zone" is what I say

'cuz a buffer's the thing to cinch up the feeding
and cover the red they never need see


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Also by elPintor:

saving face | cataclysm and containment--Stage 1 |

Television Moon

‘With how sad steps, O Moon …’

Oh, author of such a line

Do you watch me these hundreds of years hence

With kind eyes?

Where are the ages between the ancients and me?

Spirits are pacing the night.

And do they walk, too, on the moon

Like jesters

Ballooning across its scarred face

In seven league boots

Mumbling folksy information

Through inverted fishbowls?



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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:


No Star Was Seen

To You who art

To me, when I see

The made star night

Looming, enfolding,

Displacing the confusion

Of maps and charts.

A darkness that is as light

As the day when

The sweat and the blood

Tasted by a dying thief

Glistened, glistened, glistened,

While the hot sky

Darkened, darkened, darkened.

No star was seen

But looming,

Falling, falling, w...

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Also by afishamongmany:

Drive-Through Movie | What I Have |


Bar room philosopher

He's a bar room philosopher a poet with an empty glass a master of the unpaid laugh  a true character 

He's got shuffling feet and waving hands,  entertaining as he stands, lining up the optics on the corner of the bar

And he loves a drink and a smoke tells his story with a joke

He's busking on the streets of town singing to an unfamiliar crowd, singing all the songs you you know, well he...

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The Sea will part

The Sea will part


Leaders will all fade away into the annals of time

taking with them their power and their deeds

Wars they started will be forgotten

their wealth left behind for others to squabble over


Wisdom and knowledge will be sifted as sand

religions and philosophies as passing clouds

Mighty edificies will fall and crumble

objects of desire and greed, tokens...

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i'm jealous of the wind that caresses your skin

each breath of air that you breathe in

i'm jealous of the birds that catch your eye

their flight so elegant across the sky

i'm jealous of the song that sticks in your head

and the cotton sheets that cover your bed



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Also by Eiren Water:

upon waking (for the first time) | lesson not learned | scintillating conversation | Winter Came | This is a cautionary tale. Pay attention, please. Take heed. |

Ann Marie

Left alone, just 4 days old. Four days of seeing your face, hearing your voice, caresses and kisses.

The bond never broken as she walked out the door.

Papers signed and sealed.  She had to go just a child herself.  Her now shameful secret forever to keep.

My heart always empty for her, the search always vigilant.

The dream, we meet,  She is still the child hiding. I am now the adult.  ...

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kiss boom


there are electrons passing from my lips to yours 

when we kiss 

some infinite number of universes  

dissolve between us in the warm spit of passion 

and when I close my eyes and feel your tongue 

ask such sweet questions it's like  

it’s like 

the most enormous thing 

could not possibly mean less  

and I can feel it now  

it is the life that we live again as we ...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

the bird and the puddle |

The Artist's Desk

entry picture

Always, I want to see 
the place of work
I sit and wonder
of the artist’s desk
what trinkets, what tools
they choose

Always, I picture in my mind
the artist’s desk
and what blue-tacked postcards
what scribbled notes of inspiration
may surround it

Is it by a window
is it in a basement
Do they toil below a craning lamp
or by dim candle light
do they have a desk at all
or just a s...

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Also by Tom:

Great Destroyers | We Walked Along The Wall | Love And Everything Else |



My chest hurts, I can’t sleep.

My lungs are so tired

Im so tired.

ill take my third shower to try to wash the fear away


I smile, I’m okay 

I’m alive. 

I feel good today! 


Dont look at me I might puke 

I’ve slept five hours in two days 

I feel like I’m 1000 pounds 


My world is spinning 360°

My vision is gone 

 your voice echos 


I hit the gr...

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Also by Yakuti:

5am |


I threw my words into

Empty rooms and boxes

Then gave each one a knife

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When I was younger 

all I did was hunger

to be in your loving arms

to feel your warm embrace 

but all you did was spread me 

all over the place

your constant discontent 

ate at the layers 

the layers of my skin

my tissue was your issue

it wasn’t of your kin

I wasn’t made of your DNA

so you left me malnourished 

my flesh would rot

I would beg you

to heal...

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Also by Melan Drifter:

Something New |


Everything rusts

When we try to hold on

To the handles that no longer turn

The keys that no longer fit

The jokes that are no longer funny

The lies that we told to get ourselves

Through the year of days

We can say that they are full of rust


When the hinges on the doors remain stuck fast

And we have hung on to the paper clippings

Of a love that collects dust

The engine and the bra...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Lost in space |

The World in your Eyes

The day starts with a glimpse of you

The thick frame glasses and you standing tall


Smile on your face, leaves so much more to desire.

Deep blue in your adorable eyes has stories to tell.


Stories about your compassion & courage

Stories that would keep us awake all night


An inner beauty that you chose to hide

That deep longing pain that you keep in your closet.


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Confession I’ve lost so much of myself. I didn’t even know where to pick up the pieces . I began to question who I was , what I loved , what drove me . This shit was crazy it was like I woke up one day and didn’t even remember who I was too much has happened my life was paused but I aged like fine wine . What’s happening to me .This was more depressing then a freaky Friday movie and this didn’t ...

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I sit and I think, too long

Let the scourge cloud belief,

Doubts float in, fog over

Let unfounded fear flood confidence and control

Wash away certainty

Certainly, frustratingly

It is one thing of which I can have no doubts

That the tide of conviction will turn

Bring with it the wrecking

Mind wracking

Second Guess - a vessel departing for a neverending voyage

An exp...

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Also by Mel Shield:

Sister |

Losses and Gains

Losses and Gains

Put fear on the list of things you should lose

With odd socks and gloves and your second best shoes.

Let regret go with burdensome guilt,

Give them away with your second hand quilt.

Composure and peace can often seem hid,

Like the start of the sellotape orTupperware lid.

The loss of the key to your bike lock or shed,

 Is nothing to losing control of your he...

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Also by mike booth:

F**ck It | It's Not You... It's Me: A Brexit Breakup Poem | A Prose Piece... |

the passing of a king


it is a drear evening

a barren table

would-be sculpting in the varnish

drifting lights

sinking through an open window


my son is leaving


i sit and watch the fire

as embers

turn to ash

are seen no more


soon we’ll say farewell


i remember how when young

he’d run and jump on me

i’d hug him

kiss him

treat him like a king

as any lov...

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Fragments "The Secrets Of The Sun"

An eye contact so forceful it leaves bruises.

If you want to create a nation of sincere people give them war and concentration camps.

Sleep the motion of stillness a wave of silence.

Sleep: In the absence of all stimuli we forget we exist.

Sappho does not mourn burned papyrus but deaf ears. For she is still singing and no one hears her.

They feed the malnourished with delicious dece...

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The Land

Sitting to the east

Sloping down to the edge  

Of that other world

In the summer sun

In the winter chill

The sentinel watched over

The little family in the cottage in the hollow


Lately it had felt her sorrow  

It knew when she left Pant y Lleiniau

And walked slowly along the cart track

To reach the little bridge under the trees

Where she crossed Nant yr Efail ...

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a life shorter than a day

bleeding she bleeds
warm fluid it pours
until it can pour no more

every  molecule of life
a warm pool on the foor

quicker than farewell
enough for a well
if only a well would
make her well

for if it were
one shalt wish for you
for the pool to be dry
the floor to remain
away red stain
and if to wish again
erase now the pain

but  tragic..instead
a river of red
helpless nurse by our...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:

the colours we can't see but I see | Back to square one | The Band With Five Hands |


You decide





For every darkness there is s light 

For every death a new life

For every winter a spring


Every night has a sun 


This fucked up world is nothing but contradictions, mysteries, and lost souls.  Then out of nowhere comes a four leave clover, a piece of blue glass and a painted sky to re...

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Also by Robert Williams:

Enough |


I can't move or

that itchy buzzing

will stirr;

alarms sounding:

I'm faster,

than a corpse.

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Also by Sophie Morley:

We are not your fucking pets. | In the shower |


guard your heart

"Guard your heart"

you'd say with a hug. 

I would nod

with a glance that says

"Of course". 


The trouble is 

you cannot find

the chink 

in your armor


you've been pierced. 


Try as I might 

to protect 

to fortify 

to defend

my heart has suffered, 

taken a beating. 





is a trial by fire. 



is a...

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Also by Grape:

i don't even want to give you the satisfaction of having your name in the title | made it out alive |

Some Mother's Son

entry picture

Time for bed, and turning out the
warm lamp lights.
Watching from my bedroom window, 
The park is very much alive tonight. 

The wind, it whistles loudly 
through the rooftops and the trees.
That small old man is back again, 
I see.
He sleeps in the same place in 
the royal oak park in front of me.

On the wood chipped brown bench
Cold, hard and damp. 
He rests his weary body for the...

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Also by Emer Ni Chorra:

Unrequited Love | Sheep |

Night 'Shifts' !

Night 'Shifts' !


It’s two a.m. (It maybe three).

But far from “Nighty-night!”, for me.

‘Ceiling-gaze’, through gravelled eyes.

I need to rest .... before sunrise.


Insomnia?  I’m ‘conscious’ proof.

I may as well re-slate the roof !

Or else, I’d simply rake the lawn

to keep me busy, until dawn.


“Pillow-punches”: ‘jumpy’ legs.

“Why can’t I sleep?”, the que...

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Also by John Andrew Nield:

Presenting the Present. | 'Double' Act! | Old Heads on Young Shoulders! |

humorous poetryhumorous versehumour

Big C in the test

I have a lump in my breast.

They want to give it a test.

I hope it fails.

It mustn’t revise,

Must stay unwise.

It really needs to fail.


It’s small like a pea.

Hard as a nail.

Attached to my flesh.

Buried inside.

Jelly bean hiding,

terror cells collide.


Hand pressing down,

Massaging my breast

It hides for a moment

Just feel my chest.

Then it...

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Also by Louise Hogg:

Homeless Curse |

Demi Stalker

entry picture

 Demi Stalker – Demon Dog Walker


The bravest cat of all

Is Ms Demi Stalker

Who earns her living

As a demon dog walker.

A resourceful cat

Whose skills abound

Can walk at one time

Twenty two hounds.

She lines them up

The tallest first

Greyhounds and St Bernard’s

And underneath them Bratwursts

Those dashing little sausages

With tummies on the ground


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Also by eve nortley:

Ecologists Haiku | I Wish... | Outside Walmart | It's War | OUTSIDE TIME |

The Enemy Within

No strategic plans in this battle
A war without guns or explosives
Yet many victims and casualties
Some succumb to its powerful draw
Others battle on defencelessly
Along the way they experience fear
dread of an endless existence bubble
A treadmill of pills and well wishes
A mountain of advice to climb
Even though it’s futile words again
Do they really understand the pain?
Is there compr...

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Also by Fred Varden:

Blind Date |

An Attractive Addiction

A monster has appeared in my body,

A demon has struck I feel shoddy.

You made me think you were the answer to my pain,

I let you in but there was no gain.


You soon ruled and became my master,

And led me down a road to disaster.

Now all I do is cheat ,steal and lie.

The deeper I go the more I cry.


Drugs have become my best friend,

To stop taking them I see no en...

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They Be The Worst (Apologies to Mr. L.)

They fuck you up, these brexit turds,

it's what they're born to, that's their rôle;

they fill you with their empty words

much as they shit into your soul.


Of course, they've heard it all before,

from parents - and grandparents too:

"compassion's out! You must abhor

those migrants, or they'll overrun you."


Racists perpetuate themselves

and make others like them,...

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Also by Richie Muster:

Iron (For Jim) |


July 2019 Collage Poem: It’s All Greek to Me

entry picture


Boris lurks in clever Grecian lines

Pernod! Demos, oher!


I met her on Tinder, Medusa, she said she was Greek

Now I am stood here with a statue of Apollo

Bandaged babies, lepers and bikes


Refrain, refrain, rain


Boris Johnson is trashing

Davey’s wine bar,

Demis Roussos is singing ‘Do you

Think I’m sexy?’ to Angie and Dave


See the sea, let the wi...

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Collage PoemDemis RoussosGreeceGreek

No One Will Be There But Jesus

As friends solemnly told him to call
On them if ever he needed anything,
Only his pastor was candid enough
To tell him Jesus alone would stay.

And so it was as it had always been,
Walking alone on the beach, in town,
Along the highway, and in the upstairs
Hallway with no memory of being carried.

He supposed Jesus was a faithful companion,
But a bit quiet, and not much help when
A fla...

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Also by Randy Horton:

Poetry is Regional |



She never was an angel
Yet, there was light about her.
They say good conquers evil
But even the bold falter.

Inside her head thoughts ran deep -
Popping pills to stay relaxed.
Mental scars and lack of sleep
Cause for another Prozac.

Simple fix becomes habit,
Self-prescribed daily doses,
Tells herself 'I must have it' - 
Life less lived comatose.

Drug induced comfort, forget-me-co...

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Also by Wallflower:

Audio Visual | Silent Battles | What Was Left of Me Is Now History: | Untitled |

Failed Responsibilities

They are your gardians,they are your motivators, they are your protectors, they are your teachers

They are supposed to guide you through your young life, to help you achieve your goals

They are supposed to give you hope and encourage you to reach your dreams, to help you go far

They are supposed to watch out for you when you are weak and innocent, to help keep pain from touching you


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Also by ByteSize:

Troublesome Organ |



Do you still think about me?
Am I one of your painful memories?
Do I cross your mind when you're all alone and trying to sleep?

I can say that all is the truth for me
I'm just a grain of sand and you are the sea.
You wrap around my brain until I can't fucking breathe.

Do you remember trying not to cry?
The day we finally said goodbye.
Feeling like we're alone but surrounded by a hundred ey...

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You’re not supposed to write it down

but I do because it’s you within

the market stalls, summoning aromas, bars,

brawls, and all the girls you bought

you said were called Rose.


A salty dog legacy; inherited protection.

It’s logged within your history,

existed well before me, the internet,

or Civvy Street.

Now it lives in echoes

in a box beneath the bed,


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...Emulating Arms...

Vessels in time emulate arms.

If I were mistaken that the grandiose metamorphosis was the metaphysical butterfly into the dawning of bullets; puncturing the veil…It is because my old soul emerged early into epiphany.

Soon sailboats will anchor on my wings...Born foot first. Halo around my neck...Mama cried...Bring her beneath the lights they said. I was not breathing...Then, I frantically wa...

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Also by Mimi:

...Die And Live With Me... | ...We Are Us Jose... | ...This Is Man... |

suffering, creation, nirvana, prayer

entry picture

TinCap’s log. Stardate: nowish.


pen dinging


Energy from a big bang churned in a sun for billions of years & several seconds ago launched earthward at the speed of light & deflected off stuff & hit my optic nerve which sent chemical-electrical signals into my neural network generating my experience of seeing an apple hanging on a tree.

Other energy - x-rays, infare...

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I could blossom under your hands 

let us show them how 

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Farewell John McCririck - known to one and all as Big Mac,

A staple of TV's horse-racing until the moderns gave you the sack.

Your larger than life persona...the clown you pretended to be

Weren't thought to be what people wanted in this 21st PC century.

But your act gave racing a profile that it hadn't established before

And you were the punter's champion...giving  the bookies what-...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:

YESTERDAY ONCE MORE - a re-post for Summer |


entry picture

Oga driver, You've your horse with you, Riding your donkey together, Raising your voice like mega phone, Holding your passenger like a thief. **** You get sounds from voice, Having completing your mission, Yet searching for vision, Rejecting money from the fowl. **** Get me that flop, Barking like a dog that want to bite, Jumping down from your horse, Like a trained warrior with no t...

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Im loyal

I'm dedicated. Not addicted. I'm in control. It's my desicion. I say what And I say where. And if you ask jus rig;;

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Locket at Lafferty’s (Maps by the YYY’s)

entry picture

How we got around to each others homes back then, I have no idea. Americans live so far apart from one another, much farther than it takes to call each other neighbors or even to be in the same town. Remembering being sixteen, most of my memories simply start at someone’s house, as if the memory is begotten. Or better yet, just a sliver of silver in the jelly of my life. I can’t remember the name ...

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Also by Edward Jordan Barger:

Locket at Lafferty’s (Maps by the YYY’s) |

easy roads

the road begins with mighty hopes

walking down the rocky roads

she dips and drops an then she gropes

the dream of gods and all the odds

and then she meets the strangest folks

that turn around and speak with codes

that live and laugh and then tell the jokes

about people of the rocky roads

and sell the dreams meant to provoke

her gods the odds and the mighty hopes

and a...

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Cocaine, Molly, LSD

Mushrooms, H, methamphetamines

Paper, liquid

Powdered forms

Pipes and bongs

The imperfect storm

Opiates, the Oxys

And Percocet 

They’re small 

But come with big regret 

Withdrawals severe

Beyond control

Touched such lows

You’ve lost your soul

Too late now

Can’t turn back time

Waste moments by dwelling

In what’s behind 

Call ...

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Hostage To My Own Inertia

In the world of friendly strangers...

Often we are victim to ignorant dangers...

We sulk back and wonder what next,

Stuck between apprehensions and moment changers...

Alas! I am a hostage to my own inertia.


Faces when I see, and those eyes that wait...

I ask myself if they speak or interrogate...

My state of mind puts a word of caution;

In my ears unknown voices reverb...

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Also by ai ou:

Faces |

DiffidenceNo changeself-confidence

Fireworks fly

It's a celebration every time we get together

pyrotechnic flower weather, bloom and spread

the atmosphere can barely contain the fountain from which our toroidal love flows and rains


post its that say i love you on the smorgasbord

my ears perk up at the whispers of sweet nothings

the dogs admire our connection with puppy dog eyes as the fireworks soar

brief moments in love i...

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The Ghost Of Our Old Granny


The Ghost Of Our Old Granny


Well… the funeral went off without cause for concern

And the vicar did well in his roll

He paid Our Old Granny a lot of respect

Before bunging her down in the hole


And then afterwards at the funeral wake

Nothing but kind words were said

So why then has she’s come back to haunt us

Why has she come back from the dead


It was ...

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Time and Place

entry picture

You Are the company you keep.

 I don't believe in color ..I believe in culture.

 Surround yourself with what is reflected 

magnet to light and love

alternate dimensions..

take pride in appearances, skin tones and lyrics-

mental illness, mental wellness, states of delirium, quantum physics..

--just a list of things I don't understand.

heart of hearts

torn apart

sewn ba...

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Years passed in days,
In a little lucidity but in much haze,
All ways led to a new maze,
Yet, hungry is heart for a little praise.
Of these fleeting birthdays.

Nasir Soomro 

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Deserted in the oven,

Against the curds,

And the seashell's hollow.


Gothamed to the berge,

It's the Titanic's ocean,

Casted within iron.


Fall victim to the shared beliefs of the miserable day,

And cry the mellowed yellow,

Fantasia and African islands.


Howling to the Moon,

The wrong dough to knead,

Craters befall the morning.


The aforementione...

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Mind is freed of personality, soul is lifted out of eternity. You stumble and fall crawl into a ball the world sways and falls. A hand firm and light lifts you up and guides you through the night. As you stumble  it tumbles out of you they grumble and mumble and drag you out of it. 

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Also by Bullshitpoems:

Stranded | Life |


I Can Do Nothing

I can do nothing. 

I can do things. 

I can do nothing. 

I can do things. 

I can do what I want. 

I can live, I can love. 

Here I am. 

There I go.

Here I am. 

There we go.

All my love and all my care. 

All my hate and my despair. 

Nothing borrowed nothing kept. 

All my love, and all I wept. 



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Love death life things wants live


entry picture



 (Painting by Elijah Walton 1832-1880

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery).


 I am not sure whether

 They are ascending

 Or descending,

 Steps cut in snow

 Might indicate the latter

 But I am no expert.


 What I do know, is that

 This was the infancy

 Of Alpine climbing,

 Their big hats

 And long ice picks

 Prove it.



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poetry about mountaineering

In the Dark

I don't want to push you away

I could ruin everything we have

I'm scared one day you'll see it all

And then you'll leave me to fall


I'm trying so hard to be perfect

I've been fighting all my instincts

It's been better for the most part

With you here with me


The thing I do sometimes

I know they don't make sense

The way my brain ticks

I know it's hard to ac...

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broken persondamageddamaged heartlearning to be betternew beginningsnew loveold scars

The awful punctuation

Tendrils of stars crawl the dark,

the night clouds glide in the solitary scent of lonliness: our dreams caress our alienated bodies

Then i figet through abandoned works

sleeping for an hour then awake again

the poems have no shape

the blackbirds chant in the peaceful air

The sun is planning to return

Life is filled with beautiful music

Do not listen for the sounds of time


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Also by Neil Francis Brooks:

Soft translations from a unknown language | Outside a gallery | Proving a circle |

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