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If I were a memory

There is something so magical about old classical music that sounds like it's written for a Brittish Queen. That type of magisty found in Disney princesses, when you're introduced to it as a kid, it is wonderful. But the characters in Disney movies are women who are princesses. When a child sees that they think, "is that me?" Am I just as special? Am I royalty? No." Back then I didn't know what I ...

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Train of thoughts...

You don't know the title of something until you start writing it.

Same goes for life. You gotta start (writing), trying new things, exploring life's available opportunities. Do the dirty work until you finally land on something that you love and go for it.

I might try this or that, but I still might not have found "the thing." If you feel you're in the same boat, the only way to find your wa...

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rise up

Dear NF

I could be wrong in saying this (who am I). Hear me out, but I wouldn't expect you to accept something if it's not true for you. I wanted to give you any encouragement I could give for your journey.

 My husband has depression and I love thinking about psychology and even though my husband wants to be happy, his depression makes it so hard. We talk a lot about mindset. We're both so screwed up, ...

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Your Earliest Memories

If you try to remember and think back to your earliest memories...there are events captured in those that have shaped who you are as a person today. I gaurantee there are memories you've held onto in your brain this whole time you've been alive because they stood out to you, and you learned a lesson. 

For me, I have a memory of getting in trouble more than once for eating only the marshmellows ...

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Before the World Wakes Up

unlocked of chains each morning

my mind is freshly out of it's shower

soaked all night in spinal fluid

let's dry off with a cup of sunrise coffee


cat whines and yelps for crunch


this day starts off with the fading feelings

leftover from the distancing of my fresh dream

my subconcious slipping away

but here I hold a string I left there

if I could only pull mysel...

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Broken feelings

I can only submit and accept defeat.

I'm in the wrong and I've made a fool out myself.

I grieve in my shame for failing.

It's hard to take deep breaths.

It's hard to make any move.

There was hope and now dissapointment.

I dwell on the pity of my brokenness.

I'm at the complete mercy of the one I anger and disrupt.

I lose trust with myself and others.

I give up believing ...

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March on Caterpillar

To Whom it May Concern:

I'm a creative dreamer. How can I deny something a part of myself which inspires me? I'm drawn to the very thing which is unaccepted and ashamed.

I'm a caterpiller here just getting ready to wrap my caccoon. A caccoon that kills off my pride.

So I march on. And try to accept myself. I keep making and I push past the self-doubt. I keep creating.

I'm just an artis...

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