soul mates

Let's let our thoughts tango and let our souls mate

my heart on my sleeve, on display

she is my armor, forever with fervor

worth the search for, pain couldn't hurt more

Her radiance blazes, visually a spectacle

her calming presence.

In essence, my mind linger.

Drift off to the cosmos. to a place where space and time coincide

I see her constellation and engage, warp drive


She lay me down on her fabric, my universe in it's entirety.

Energetic charge zap my hand and freeze me up 

soul viscosity fuel my movement

siamese pieces from a different puzzle

jagged gold cracks but her voice speak fluent

The fire inside bring me up and burn me down

huddle while we cuddle, adventurous but subtle

we decide to take a vacation, I let her soul decide our placement.


I seek refuge in her tides, beautiful body has my loving in a bind.

Creative fate, pen is mightier than sword, i let her write until the end of the day

It's time to go!

Our vessels ship, imagination let's us court eachother once again between a love that never ends


War torn planet, we bring our love into this sphere

mend and genesis, flowers of life bloom clouding gloom

memories of your nature daydreaming, asleep the bank rings vivid



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◄ Drawn together

Tranquility ►


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