The fabric of society

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The fabric of society


Our earth is held together

And yet is torn apart,

By spider webs of commerce

With neither soul nor heart.


We buy cheap clothes in Britain

And claim material needs

Whilst in Bangladesh and India

Children suffer for our greed.


The leisure wear we chill in

Comes at a heavy price

As youngsters toil for fourteen hours

Their leisure sacrificed.


 Fast fashion’s what they call it,

It’s here and then…. it’s gone,

Made with cotton picked by infants,

In the cruel, blazing sun.


It’s the must-have £8 hoodie,

 it’s the bargain £1 tee

Produced by wage-slave labour

In those hell hole factories,


Where workers live and eat and sleep

 So desperate to be free ,

There are none so blind

 As don’t want to see.


I’ve only got one body and just one set of feet

I don’t need twenty T-Shirts to make my life complete,

Or 3 more sets of trainers or 10 more pairs of shoes,

They call it fast fashion…. I call it lose- lose.


So beneath my cotton duvet, a soft pillow at my head

I reflect on all the children - cold hard floors for beds,

Asleep beneath machines with their life stealing beats,

Can we join hands and one day ban fast fashion from our streets?

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 26th Jul 2019 16:37

A market needs a supplier and when the costs of living vary so much
across the world, any market is worth having. By the way, I note
that India - a vastly overpopulated country with grinding poverty
that it seems to accept as normal - is busy launching rockets into space. Their "values" are a matter of speculation when considering
how much "guilt" should be felt when purchasing products from
their sweathouses. Social mores over there are somewhat different
to our own and "conscience" does not seem to enter into their way
of thinking at all.

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Don Matthews

Fri 26th Jul 2019 08:59

Fast fashion's here for good I'm 'fraid
It's wrong Eve, cos of greed
For the taste of money
Which some must have, want, need

Don't care about no suffering
What are you talkin' 'bout?
I'm racin' to the fashion shop
Before the go sell out

What's that you say? My 14 T's ?
Two weeks gives one a day
I T-shirt round the neighbourhood
Let's all sing hip hooray.......

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