Confessions of a Diagnosed Manic

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Confessions of a Diagnosed Manic




I have written about my condition before. I write about it for two purposes – cathartic and educational. Mental health issues need to be aired out in the open and not swept under the carpet. We no longer live in the Victorian ages.


A diagnosed manic

Comes out in my write

Mixed up, at times 'crazy'

To those who read, sight


An imbalance of chemicals

Exists in my brain

Born with it, no cure

A genetic-type gain


Blessing or curse?

You say to me, ask

Does it muck up your life

Or help you to task?


Before diagnosis

While playing at games

I went off the planet

A low-grade insane


They caught me and put me

A tiger, in chains

Tried changing my diet

Again and again


It took several captures

This tiger round town

Before changing diet

Medicated, calmed down


This tiger still gives

A low-throated roar

Which feeds my obsession

For excitement and more


So who holds this tiger

Kept loosely in chains?

My friend modern medicine

GP holds the reins


Don Matthews July 2019

I was this person in the videos.  A tiger on the loose. They all thought Don was being his usual exuberent self.  No-one twigged there was a problem. Watching these I saw myself coming out...... 

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<Deleted User> (22158)

Thu 18th Jul 2019 14:22

Don, thanks for posting this. I agree that more awareness needs to be brought to this topic. I, too, know what it is like to be in "chains" and I admire your courage to be open about this. Great poem.

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