The Benefit Gig


While seeing familiar faces on the morning bus
I wonder how they might benefit from my poem
for I'm sure a poem should benefit the reader.

The day will come, as will peace on Earth,
when I'm able to hand out copies 
but at present, I'm the only reader.

I often feel, not only that a poem 
should benefit the reader,  but also
it should be written for that purpose.

Sadly I am the only reader
but I benefit greatly, almost as much
 as I benefit from other people's poetry.

In fact I am a familiar face on the bus
benefitting from a poem. By the faint smile 
from the odd face, perhaps others are too.


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Belinda Sue Kiser

Wed 31st Jul 2019 18:09

And I must say to this...
It happens one day
Totally out of the blue.
I came to realize
A poet inside grew.
But life as a poet
Is but a lonely fate.
Your heart on your sleeve
Will make you, sure bait.
So why do I continue
To put these words down?
For my yearning desire
In my soul is deep down.
Yes someone is reading.....?

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Fri 12th Jul 2019 12:11

Good one Adam - Why do we write? Why do we read? Who do we write for? What sort is our seed? Do we reap what we sow? What will grow? What will grow?

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