The Bluebird and the Wallflower

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The dainty Butterfly passed by

He fluttered about, little low little high

Then He let out an ennuied sigh.

With a hasty lie and a haughty eye-

He ascended upwards to the lovely sky

For the wallflower hadn't blossomed...


The perky Bumblebee buzzed around

He swooped down with a jolly sound 

Circled each booming bud round and round

But at first sight, sweet harbor found!

To the scarlett poppy His heart was bound.

The wallflower hadn't yet blossomed...


The Hummingbird hovered close

He fooled around with the daisy and the rose

Though He hummed to Her all about His throes-

-when opportunity for a new thrill arose,

His freedom He so surely chose

Still the wallflower hadn't blossomed. 


When the Wasp lost His way

He lingered for about a day

But he couldn't wait, seeking ripe prey...

So He hastily flew away

He didn't care at all to stay

Till the wallflower blossomed...


The Bluebird suffered a nasty sting

He fainted and spiraling He fell...Poor thing.

She took Him. Held Him. Helped fix His wing...

He hung for the entire spring

and vowed, hence, only for Her to sing!

And the wallflower blossomed!


_"Les Amants d'un Jour" ???(_Edith Piaf)

◄ Mid-Summer Monsoon, Pantoum

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Mae Foreman

Wed 17th Jul 2019 23:13

Thank you so much dear Lisa! ?

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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 17th Jul 2019 23:11

Mae, this is outstanding!

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Mae Foreman

Wed 17th Jul 2019 14:53

Ah, now it makes sense! No reason for apologies, please! The language barrier sometimes makes it hard for me to pick up colloquialisms, that's why I asked! Plus it's a lovely imagery, shrinking down and submerging into a fantasy! These things are MEANT to get you carried away! ??So feel free to roam into all my fantasies my dear Mindy! ??
Thank you ?

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Mae Foreman

Wed 17th Jul 2019 14:18

Hey Mindy! Is this one a bluebird? ?

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Mae Foreman

Wed 17th Jul 2019 14:14

Hi Mindy! I know squat about birds or flowers for that matter! I found this pic online and chose it because...well the bird's blue and there are flowers! ?
What do you mean by "Shrank the Kids" ? I only know the movie "Honey I shrank the Kids". What's the connection?
Thanks for stopping by!?

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Mae Foreman

Wed 17th Jul 2019 13:36

Wow a perfect 10! Thank you dear Merey?


Wed 17th Jul 2019 13:34

Sucha beautiful write...10/10?

These are the best two lines "And came back the next vowing only for Her to henceforth sing

And the wallflower blossomed!"

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