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Conflation (a work in progress)

by Tommy Carroll


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A Paradox is a conflation of stigmata:

The absurdity of mathematics

and ones inability

to describe (in language)

what we experience.


This confusion is the point

at which motion obeys all laws.

A paradox owes more

to poetry than science.


A paradox is a conflation

of contradictory assertions.

At no time nor space,

are you able to ascertain

the point at which a changeover occurs...


Movement never occupies a series

of definite spaces, sobbing in

and out of existence,

but a wail that rises and falls,

occupying- deserting- recalling,

being and not being

simultaneously, occupying

and failing to occupy

the same space.


A paradox is an excellent


of movement and of


a wondrous confusion

of movement,

being and argument.

words and foto Tommy Carroll

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Lisa C Bassignani

Tue 2nd Jul 2019 01:28

Way cool Tommy

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