Sometimes I catch glimpses of him

seeing him in the silhouettes of the night

or lying drunk in a shop doorway

I breathe his air on a summer´s day

the waft of fragrance from a nearby bloom

invades my nostrils with a scent sublime

His power thunders in the waterfalls

or languishes in the meadows of home

He searches the desert for hermit souls

plunges the depths of a fathomless ocean

I stand in awe of his majesty when

I career the slopes of the highest summits

or in the faces of children at play

He can be found in gardens of roses

counting the birds as they pass by

then walking amongst the dead on a battle field

shielding his face against the stench of those killed

I have met him by the graveside

as we say goodbye and he welcomes us

He first came to me as a boy when I was quite alone

I deciphered his words

We became close as he made his home with me

and our friendship grew day by day

◄ The Sea will part

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Lina Lee

Sat 25th Mar 2023 11:39

Thanks a lot! amazing verse! I would not be able to write! a heaven images l would look great here! I really like the associations and this is exactly what caused me just such associations!

<Deleted User> (9882)

Tue 16th Jul 2019 10:30

I have yet to read a poem as word colourful as this one Keith.

A well thought out and written piece that for me,
goes the full distance of inspiration.

Rose ?

Devon Brock

Mon 15th Jul 2019 22:28

Fantastic, Keith. Have you read this aloud. If no, I would recommend it. If yes, you are a master of your own tongue.


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