Persephone's tangled legs

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Persephone lay tangled

In my bed-clothes.

I watched trapezoids

of summer light

make motes

alive in her warmth.


I leant against the wall

and counted her breaths:


Pale and shallow her rising.

Her hair webbed.


gripped to her belly

my gown

since last she bathed.


I lowered my case

and loved her more.




Words and foto  Tommy Carroll

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 21st Jul 2019 23:12

Stu and Mart thanks, again it helps and it ...helps Tommy

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Martin Elder

Sun 21st Jul 2019 16:59

You had me with those opening lines . A real cracker this one. I love your use of traperzoid in this context.
Nice one Tommy

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Stu Buck

Sun 21st Jul 2019 15:27

superb mate

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 21st Jul 2019 13:54

Hi Dev and Don
I do appreciate your posts.
I may have left the back-door open in this poem.
The shape of some light, on a surface through window glass, can be fancifully described as such.
And Dev pardon my use of "To clarify" that upon retrospect came across as a rebuff - far from it. It was a genuine request to enquire.

The legs and her legs.

Cheers lads.

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Don Matthews

Sat 20th Jul 2019 23:22

A lesson in trapezoidal motion. Thanks gents.....

Devon Brock

Sat 20th Jul 2019 23:20

Plus, I have struggled to find an adequate way of describing the shape of light through windows. Calling it what it is, geometrically, is an epiphany. Da bells started chimin'.


Devon Brock

Sat 20th Jul 2019 23:17

For the reader, Tommy, for the reader. I thought it a brilliant play.


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Tommy Carroll

Sat 20th Jul 2019 23:13

To clarify?

Devon Brock

Sat 20th Jul 2019 22:58

To clarify, a trapezoid's non-parallel sides are called "legs". Nice work, Tommy.


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