Should We Legalise Prostitution?

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Should We Legalise Prostitution?


They're trying to legalise prostitution

Politicians, (as usual), lead the way

Not listening to experience elsewhere

Not wanting to see light of day


You ask, politicians? What's new Don?

I counter, they're top of their game

Educated and all for the people

Looking after us, not out for fame


In New Zealand, the city of Christchurch

Legalised it two thousand and one

But the concept has not worked out well there

Sex working's safe only for some


The pimps and the prostitutes they pick up

Baseball bats, take to the street

To fight for best positions to take up

On street with their clients to meet


The residents they're not very happy

As in their front gardens they find

Condoms and faeces next morning

If I lived there I'd also mind


So should we legalise prostitution?

Protect our sex workers under law?

Or will it just give us more problems?

Be good? Or just carry more flaws?


What happens in UK, your America?

I'm isolated 10,000 miles away

But am curious to know what goes on there

And to what your politicians do say


Don Matthews June 2019


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Don Matthews

Fri 12th Jul 2019 00:49

I'll make my excuses and leave
This poem behind in my bank
For another day maybe to think on
At moment I'm drawing a blank.....

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 11th Jul 2019 15:40

To be a prostitute in the UK is not illegal per se. As a famous lady
of yesteryear observed on a connected subject - "just as long as they don't do it in the street and frighten the horses." Soliciting..e.g.
importuning for the purpose of prostitution is the obvious example. Basically, it becomes a nuisance when it enters the political and
public consciousness, especially when coercion is used to live
parasitically off its practitioners and can evolve into vice rings et al...
the favourite target of Sunday newspapers of old whose reporters
were famous for "I made my excuses and left."

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