Incessant time

Oh unholy intimidating time

ticking your incessant tock,

crying out a second

swallowed scream,

gouging out the minutiae

to reach the crux of the matter

only to find it flattened

and sprawled out into

an infinite sense of everything,

a past, present and future tense

of the workings of the mind.


◄ Always worth holding on

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Jon Stainsby

Mon 22nd Jul 2019 20:17

Mae, you are very kind. ?

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Mae Foreman

Mon 22nd Jul 2019 20:02

I watch you flower and evolve poem by poem! I'm jealous! Well done Thank you?

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Jon Stainsby

Fri 12th Jul 2019 22:01

Thanks, Devon. You are very kind.

Devon Brock

Fri 12th Jul 2019 21:59

Jon, "crying out a 'second' swallowed scream, gouging out the 'minutiae'..." so cleverly placed, reinforcing the ticking tock of an earlier line. Turning then to the image of spacetime. This is very well put together. Thanks for this. Mucho Kudos.


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