upon waking (for the first time)

i was alone but not wanting

i was content in my solitude

i was enveloped by the quiet

i was cocooned in beauty and softness

i was safely cradled in silky comfort

i felt a stirring in the air, causing the gossamer to ripple around me delicately

i did not bristle

i felt at ease

i did not retreat

i felt myself expand

i lifted my head above the mists of my keep

i stretched, rising taller and seeing farther than i ever had before

i exhaled long and slow, watching the motes of lavender and rose swirl and eddy in kaleidoscopicpatterns as they drifted off into the distance

i closed my eyes too quickly and heard the wind rush away from my face, pushed by the violent motion of my eyelashes crashing downward

i fell still once more, not wishing to lose this moment but knowing change was coming quickly

i felt the fresh crisp morning air fill my lungs as i inhaled silently

i finally opened my eyes, taking in the new world around me

i noticed the colors had all changed to glorious hues never before revealed to me

i turned my gaze as if on cue

i saw you

i saw you

i saw you

◄ lesson not learned

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Eiren Water

Thu 11th Jul 2019 06:59

Thank you, Sophie.

e. xxx

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Sophie Morley

Wed 10th Jul 2019 15:15

Beautiful x

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