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 Demi Stalker – Demon Dog Walker


The bravest cat of all

Is Ms Demi Stalker

Who earns her living

As a demon dog walker.

A resourceful cat

Whose skills abound

Can walk at one time

Twenty two hounds.

She lines them up

The tallest first

Greyhounds and St Bernard’s

And underneath them Bratwursts

Those dashing little sausages

With tummies on the ground

That each have enough attitude

For 3 regular sized hounds.

Next she has Dalmations

Whose spots cause palpitations

To the Pekinese and Pugs

Those little mobile rugs.

And finally come poodles

And winsome labradoodles

Mixed with cockapoos and pumi’s

She really must be looney.

She likes to take them to the woods

Where they can run around

And because they’re want to chase small cats

She hides up above the ground.

When it’s time to take her charges home

She dangles before them a very large bone

From the lowest bough of her refuge tree

Snares them in a net as they fight to get free.

And best move yet plys them with CBD

So they’re very happy and healthy

Heading home to watch TV.

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