Always worth holding on

The treatment of doom

leaves me left in the gloom

of a day badly spent

and a life cruelly rent.

A storm cloud burst,

a lightening bolt cursed,

by night my demise,

by light I surmise.

So, so little I know

eyes turned down below.

Then, a glance to the skies

and I see my great prize,

the sun it does shines

and on beauty it dines,

the colour of summer

makes my heart murmur

a merrier more melodious tune.


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Jon Stainsby

Mon 22nd Jul 2019 20:16

Mae, ?

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Mae Foreman

Mon 22nd Jul 2019 20:04

Flawless and beautiful! I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are a master of speaking vast truths with but a few words!
Thank you ?

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Jon Stainsby

Tue 9th Jul 2019 18:09

Thank you, Dorothy

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Jon Stainsby

Tue 9th Jul 2019 12:12

Thank you, Devon, Lisa and Mindy.

<Deleted User> (22247)

Tue 9th Jul 2019 11:55

"...makes my heart murmer a merrier more melodious tune."
Just this bit of alliterative fun puts a smile on my face!

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Lisa C Bassignani

Tue 9th Jul 2019 11:03

Sunshine and vitamin D. The perfect ingredients for a smile and a song...or a great poem.

Devon Brock

Tue 9th Jul 2019 11:00

John, thanks for this poem. A solid reminder as I begin my day to find even a smidge of beauty, regardless of the circumstances of the grind.


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