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Alone and different 

weird and distant 

swimming drifting 

absent missing 

in dereliction sifting 

ash stained memories 

kissing wistfully 

driven thorns 

under roses unforgiving 

notes echo misted 

bliss is pleasure less 

than drug fuelled lust 

lasts only as long 

as glass shatters 

black then red 

I feel dead 

I think about you 

then I detach 


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I forgot my grace 
I forgot my place 
I forgot myself 
inside of waste 
I made mistakes 
I was awake 
I was asleep 
I was in between 
walled in slate 
lost in grey 
persistent decay 
bends the frame 
a picture blurred 
a love refrained.


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Time doesn’t exist 
outside the mind 
past and future loop 
to form a circle 
upside down 
you can see marsh 
in hearts too dark 
to dance entranced 
stars leave light marks 
upon the air 
8 travels there 
where the sun burnt black 
cuts shards across the grass 
there be a pyre 
light me a match 
a firefly a firefly 
a jar to catch 
watch time pass 
a movie reel revealed 
to all...

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Speak to be heard 
speak to make sound 
speak loud proud
yet not so proud 
bold tell the untold 
the words are there
upon the air 
just pick them out 
do not try do not care
fail to exceed perfection 
will never greet ye



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You ever traveled time 

alone in a void 

you ever see that light bright 

a flicker in the dark 

two halves divide then part  

look through the air 

to see what’s not 

under the stairs 

there’s wear and mud 

tears and blood 

years bad and good 

in the end it’s all just 




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The black may come and go 
but it is us who own our souls 
and the light of the sky 
guides all under the blue 
by which the trees grow 
and the ocean flows 
it’s ok to be one alone 
it's ok to hold your own 
there is no endpoint 
in the paths we take 
to take away the empty place 
I lost myself but then how
I think I really didn't lose anything 
I wasn't meant 
and while all inside ...

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is everything
is nothing is
free is the season
for feeling
the beat of the tree
tell me a story
I cannot dream
for darkness
lives inside
and although
I see a light bright
I cannot stay
outside the night.


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