First person singular

I, myself Tommy that's me

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...and my daughter ones-self

Tommy is thinking:

why do posters refer to themselves

in the third person?

I have tried to,

so has he himself.

He has no objection,

But I, myself have an objection to them-there preposterous constructions absolutely!

When speaking in the third person

he finds one asking him:


Can two people converse

in the third person?

Tommy finds it difficult to

quote directly from a third person's

point of view

while speaking to the third person



(or is it your imagination that we find ones mind co-joining).


We wonder if one's first-person

obligates the second-persons

directly attributed pro-noun.

I myself think that we should

avoid all confusion in such matters

by using the first-person

when writing or speaking to the reader or listener,

as one will find that he or she wonders

if  they or themselves are also confused.

Or confusing.


(or is it oneself)

Tommy Carroll



Words and foto Tommy Carroll


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Martin Elder

Mon 29th Jul 2019 09:37

Very well put Tommy. I couldn't agree more. Such nonsense. A bit like certain people referring to themselves as one .

Nice one mate

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