My Muse and I. She's Not Happy

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My Muse and I. She's Not Happy


Source idea:  Philipos 'Those Nine Greek Muses'


Discovered information

Explains why I hi jinx

It seems the Muse attached to me

Has just a touch of minx


The info that I speak of

Was in a WOLer's verse

Describing all the Muses

(Which one seems me to curse)


I read down through his poem

Described each Muse in turn

Where was my Muse I wondered, asked?

When would I 'bout her learn?


Finally, at bottom

She did last

Thalia my Muse of Mirth

Explained my current/past


(She's not happy I ID'd her.....)


Don Matthews July 2019

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Don Matthews

Mon 29th Jul 2019 12:47

My Thalia would not be impressed being referred to as lower case muse. I have to say "hello Muse Thalia" to stay in her good books. She says how would you like being called lower case doRoThY ? Must admit she has a point.

And yes, she drives me bonkers.....

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