Take a walk on the wild side

Step from the road of the known into the wild of the unknown.

My guide, the divine pulling me 3 finger widths beneath my last known uplink.


Wonders of the world exist all at once, spanning the confines of time.

I visit myself as a child and young adult.

Give hope to the past, while gaining wisdom from the future.

Crude oil refined into the supreme.

Let's suffer together.

Detach, not the weather of this moment. 

No body or mind. 

A manifestation of conscience acting upon this body. 

Body is sick.

Earth is sick, as is the human collective, as is my body.

I am sick. 

I suffer, we all suffer, that is a known.

A path into the wild. 

Repair my body/mind through enlarging my view through consciousness. 

I heal my body.

I throw pebbles at the ocean of humanity. 

With reference, I sit and feel compassion for the mother. 

We all bleed together. 

Together we can heal. 

Pachamama smiles on us all. 

Sick children need love the most.


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