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Heavy silence

The ringing from the piano fades,
as I watch the dance of my trembling fingers
come to a halt.

I thought I wanted to sing
but the melodies are trapped in my throat,
and soulless

Then the notes begin to slide down the page,
no longer able to compete with the
Suffocating silence

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Ocean eyes

If you really knew me,

Maybe you'd see,

Through my drowsy blue eyes

Into a raging sea.


Like crows, your sight flies

to the sparkling sheen coating my irises,

The glimmer of a thousand tiny pearls.


But they are a legacy,

Far too romantic for the tidal wave that

Dumped them in my world.

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What's the point?

Trapped long enough,

and the outside becomes a blur.

There's life beyond these walls,

But nothing left in my world.


If I could just recall

The sun's warming touch,

Or a child's beaming smile,

Perhaps I'd find a reason to keep going for a while.


But here there's only dark,

The world and I, miles apart,

Emotions numbed and reality crushed,

Time swings to th...

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On the floor in the dark room,


The occasional lightbulb flicker

Brings some hope back into my blue-glazed eyes,

But it's a mere distraction.


I imagine that the lightbulb can see;

Awake when it's shining,

Otherwise asleep.

In the light I seem free,

My body moves. My voice, it speaks.

Speaks like the one it once belonged to,

Before the l...

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Beautiful Tree

A willow tree hides

at the edge of the orchard,

Streams of withered leaves

veiling its stooping trunk.


Struggling to survive,

Its roots are sparse and fractured,

And its brittle branches snap - 

At the lightest gust.


All will for life,

Seemingly sucked

Into the soil.


But within the crumbling walls of bark,

Its rings of wisdom lie.

Tales of brut...

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