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I sit and I think, too long

Let the scourge cloud belief,

Doubts float in, fog over

Let unfounded fear flood confidence and control

Wash away certainty

Certainly, frustratingly

It is one thing of which I can have no doubts

That the tide of conviction will turn

Bring with it the wrecking

Mind wracking

Second Guess - a vessel departing for a neverending voyage

An exp...

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You were there, but not for staying
Those haunting memories tormented
You, more than I. Shaped us both
Founded our outlooks
Moulded our psyches.
Shared experiences smelted the ore of youth which had burst from the same vein
Yet poured into separate casts
tempered, hammered and cooled with differing techniques

One became a shield, a stoic rock which  suppressed the emotive onslaught
The ot...

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Career Change?

A trapped mind wanders aimlessly

Circles the perimeters of its confines

Desperately searching through the bars

Yearning to escape but never daring the door.


Inside, a prison known

Outside, illusionary freedom

An overused concept

Abused more than hope

The mind hopes for freedom

Yet flinches at the thought

Anxious, overly-cautious and afraid.


The humble min...

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Trapped (Bored Again)

It's three fifty three and I'm need of saving

Work is a bore

Same old tedious chore


Can you believe there are no windows?


My eyes despise this heat

Ever rising

Each day is stuffy

Man, I'm sweaty and sleepy



Artificial lighting makes a dull scene

Non-scenic scene

The same old seen scene

Every day for what feels like an age

Yet time



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A Moment in Each Day

Blank eyed, I gaze

Not at anything

But through everything

Blank skies in my head

No clouds of thought

Float today

No ideas sail

Upon the waves of my mind

The ebb and flow of the tide

Momentarily deceased

No shimmer of light graces the surface

No speck of inspiration

Nor reflective motivation

The sun sleeps still

And the moon

Not yet born.

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From the plane window to the planes of thought

Flying above the clouds
You see the red emanate from the ground
Gradually softening the further from Earth it goes
Hues cooling, psychologically soothing
Calming blues up to space
I'd say heaven but I'm a non-believer
Don't believe in a dream too radical
It seems to me to be
Irrelevant anyhow
This is about mankind
All the evils
Too easy to find
Atrocious acts
Matter of fact it's

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Flightless flight of blight and fright

Stuck on a grounded flight
Seats all taken with people of plight
Coughing, spluttering my new blight
Given delays this is my night
Stifling affliction that I can't fight
Snot rags, diseased air, cabin of fright
Suffocating infections this isn't right
Escape to the toilet I just might
Begin my flight
Away from the plight
Away from this blight
Of this just starting night
Such a futile fi...

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Morning Musing

Is a recorded scene
A personal slice
Of a pleasant dream
Harmoniously shifting
Away the obscene
To the whole it does not mean
But to the individual it is pure

Each day is a recorded act
Routinely rewound and played back
Apathetically drifting to the same track
Silently existing to all but the abstract

So far reigns the protagonist
If a lit...

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Antisocial Transport

Day long seminar
Festival of knowledge
But registered?
Time will tell
They say
It always does.

An hour long wait
For an hour long journey.

Eye-contact is awkward
Interaction at a rudimentary level
Has no place here.

Even those together
Are not.

Our knot
This tangled mass of bodies.

Imagine the stories
The tales
The wondrous lives
I don't want to kn...

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5 Hour 15 Minute Coach Journey

Four hours and 27 minutes
Feels like a day in this seat
Testament, I suppose
To the departure
Of the son
And the sun.

My arse is numb
Legs are sore
Boxers claw tight.


To my right
Solemn stranger
To my left
Solemn reflection
The reflection and me.

Fog has shut the stars
Sightless, yet
City lights
In the distance
Pretty at night
Sightless of imperfec...

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Leaving Early

Train delayed
Baby crying
Brain decaying
Mind fumbling
Words faltering
Impatience brewing


Sweet inconveniences

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