Homeless Curse

Recently I took a trip to Cardiff and was shocked by the level of homelessness in the city. It’s there but for the grace of god for all of us. I feel we ignore this. Having lost my job after a stroke, I was lucky to have insurance and a pension, if not then I may well have been left homeless. We never know what cards we will be dealt. Next time don’t just turn a cheek.


Next time we turn away

Decide we can not help

Consider ourselves much better

It’s just the luck we’re dealt.


Disheveled and discarded

Unshaven and slightly smelly

Pretend they are invisible

Not the problem of the wealthy.


Pass out on the pavement,

High to simply cope. 

Life has been intolerable 

More than a slippery slope.


They sleep beside a door way

A draughty hopeless place.

Cocooned in dirty nylon 

The Government’s disgrace.


There seems to be no answer, 

The problem is getting worse 

Society in decline

Benefit’s greatest curse. 


It’s seem so indiscriminate,

Not just male but female

Even the young and old

Disguise it with a veil.


Feed them from a soup kitchen

Buy their magazine

Pass a cup of coffee 

Try to intervene.


Drugs and alcohol are problems

But they’re the only friends

Our homeless face a future

Poverty and discard descends. 








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