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Tommy Carroll on 5am (Sun, 7 Jul 2019 12:16 pm)


Us up late shit talking, feels like nothing changed 

youll send me something cheesy and I’ll smile

You repeating a story I’ve heard 100th Times 

me on the edge of seat knowing what will happen next 

me smiling and nodding, Loving your story; your life

 Nothing but a blanket separating up.

thats the past.

Now were two different people, trying to find a purpose.

 Never on tim...

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My chest hurts, I can’t sleep.

My lungs are so tired

Im so tired.

ill take my third shower to try to wash the fear away


I smile, I’m okay 

I’m alive. 

I feel good today! 


Dont look at me I might puke 

I’ve slept five hours in two days 

I feel like I’m 1000 pounds 


My world is spinning 360°

My vision is gone 

 your voice echos 


I hit the gr...

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youre stuck in my head like a bad song

I try everything but your there 

on repeat 

Stuck in a loop



I haven’t slept much

I can’t close my eyes without thinking of you

Its been a while, how are you? 



Youve changed.

You look good, your beautiful.

Ive changed.



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