Lost in space

His face was as dark and grizzled

As the thoughts running through his head

His half -shaved expression breaking up with a confused grin

Laying on his bed he spoke to whoever might listen

Whether there or in his head

This stranger in a strange land

Misunderstood by others and himself

He cuddled and coddled the memories

Behind his darting deepening eyes

As he walked through a forest of unlisted and undistinguishable trees

Paths crossed re-crossed and interweaved

Some still open others hidden or disappeared

Not able to voice that he was far from home and lost

Asking himself and anybody else

Where he was

What he was doing, why couldn’t he go home yet

Or have a cigarette

Ticking off an inventory

He did not recognise as his

Getting up and going to the toilet

Then returning to another bed

Getting dressed and waiting to go home

But transferred to another ward instead

◄ Sometimes

Everything rusts ►


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Martin Elder

Mon 1st Jul 2019 20:17

Thanks to Rachel. Jon, Lisa. Dorothy and Devon for liking and to Don, Keith, Ray, Leon, Rose and Mae for commenting.

This is in fact another poem based on my stay in hospital for a week back in May. It is about the guy in the bed next to mine who evidently had dementia and whilst he could communicate with people he had no idea where he was at what he was doing there most of the time. It was incredibly sad.

Don it was world totally alien to him thus the title.

Keith I don't really know how old he was but probably only a few
years older than me which probably makes it all the more sad

so Ray my friend you hit the nail on the head in terms of the character being real. I have had first hand experience with my own departed father with this illness. It is not good to see.

Leon thank you so much for your appreciation ( Glad you like the picture. I am currently too shy to show my entire visage)

Rose my heart just went out to this poor guy, particularly when he was calling out for relatives that were not there

Mae I love your poetic observations, swimming with frustration

Thanks again Guys for reading and commenting , it is much appreciated

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Mae Foreman

Mon 1st Jul 2019 16:13

Strong piece Martin! He could be swimming with frustration but it sounds like sweet oblivion weighs too heavy on his eyelids... Loved it!
Thank you?

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Rose Casserley

Mon 1st Jul 2019 14:44

such is your skill Martin of digging up situations we can all relate to in one way or another.

This one sad indeed but nevertheless written as though you really were walking in this poor man's shoes. Well done!

Rose ?

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Mon 1st Jul 2019 12:43

great title to a great poem.

By the way Martin, your profile photo kills me!

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Mon 1st Jul 2019 10:38

Especially effective is the sense of dislocation and loss of all perspective and alienation. Scary stuff and it feels too real not to be. Fine poem.martin.


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keith jeffries

Mon 1st Jul 2019 10:15

Martin, this poem conjures up for me the final pages in a person’s life. Confused thoughts with glimpses of the past and an uncertainty about the future. I was taken straight to the bedside by your words. Well done my friend. Thank you for this. Keith

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Don Matthews

Mon 1st Jul 2019 09:50

So many good lines here Martin. I like it. But feel for the stranger lost in space......

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