Your Pain

Your pain is my disdain

I wish to wash it down the drain

To be cleansed of its stagnant reign

Your poignant, festering pain.


Your pain has left a stain

The permeation of your bane

That never, ever seems to wane

Your omnipresent pain.


Your pain is inhumane

Such agony should not sustain

The one thing that I need to gain

Is freedom from your pain.


Your pain, it soaks me like the rain

Drenching me and my domain

Happiness I cannot feign

Because of all your pain.


Your pain, it is, it's all too plain

I have to stop, pull in the rein

I cannot continue to remain

A prisoner of your pain.


Your pain, so deep, I ought refrain

Else fall on maddness as the Thane

The depth of it all too insane

Your eternal pain.



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Lisa C Bassignani

Tue 23rd Jul 2019 17:41

Many thanks Patricia & Stefan. ? I am pleased with it myself! Some people find this type of poetry to be inane. This took a bit of strain as each stanza had to pertain to the one fore and aft and not be mundane.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 23rd Jul 2019 12:01

How could anyone fail to applaud this very cleverly put together poem Lisa? We think you will have many more, well deserved, comments to come.

P&S xx

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Don Matthews

Tue 23rd Jul 2019 08:19

Lisa you are clever
Oops, forgot end ane
Guess I'll have start out
Start out all again

Welcome to my mixed-up brain
My poetry inane
It thunders out just like a train
Then down the kitchen drain

glug glug .....

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Lisa C Bassignani

Mon 22nd Jul 2019 23:59

My brain was doped with novocaine
to help keep me on the sane
but I did it, can't complain
there is no gain without the pain

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Don Matthews

Mon 22nd Jul 2019 23:27

Your continued use of 'ane' endings I liked. I thought you'd run out, that no more would come out your brain again.......

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Lisa C Bassignani

Mon 22nd Jul 2019 21:51

Thank you Mae

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Mae Foreman

Mon 22nd Jul 2019 21:44

Wonderful! I think I'll be revisiting this one, often, every once in a while when in need of solace. Great poem Lisa?

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