Flip Flops


They used to be called thongs

until the bathing suit industry

took over the term

and made it something sexy

so now they are called Flip Flops

basic footwear

just a piece of rubber

with two straps on top

such simple shoes

best on the beach

because you can wash the sand off

and they float

but you can wear them anywhere

to the gas station

to the store

to restaurants

no shoes no service

but flip flops qualify

simple footwear

cool and comfortable

good for the sole

what would Jesus wear?


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Fri 19th Jul 2019 11:47


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Don Matthews

Thu 18th Jul 2019 14:03

If Jesus came down here
He'd wear what we call thongs
Perform his water/wine bit
To all the Aussie throng

"Flip flops?" he'd think we're bonkers
Who ever told you that?
Some UK WOLers told us
Seems like they've told you tat

He broke the loaf (feet thong-wise)
And fed the multitude
They satiated (all in thongs)
J prayed (in thongs) outside

Disciple 1 What's this flippy floppy about?.....
Disciple 2 Dunno? Baby fishy's?.....
Disciple 3..These Brits have some funny ideas.....
Jesus: Join me in a prayer to the 'Thong'
All : Sure thing Master.......

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