The Wrath Of Wives


The fly came in

through window screen

no motive known

just sight unseen

it buzzed the wife

she became unhinged

in anger then

sought her revenge


The swatter found

along with her wrath

from room to room

she chased fly's path

the fight was brought

the battle blazed

she sought the fly

for days and days


Then one off day

the fly's mistake

it landed on

her dinner plate

and she in glee

just could not wait

she whacked the fly

and sealed its fate


No more the fly

it just fell flat

a swift demise

a signal that

fly's lives are doomed

and short at best

on luck and plates

they should not rest


The lesson then

do not offend

or curtains for

both flies and men

who dare to question

the wrath of wives

with certainty

they'll shorten lives.


-Po Wit



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Don Matthews

Thu 11th Jul 2019 14:53

Dk it looks you been bit slack
Letting screens get holes
For little flies to buzz right in
And on your wife, make goal ?

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