Winter Came

Picking flowers in your garden
lamenting which to choose
I feel the mist dampen my cheeks
as the sky begins to bruise
"So winter finds me at last", I say
"On this bright and sunny morn."
All at once the clouds roll in
and in my haste I miss the thorn
Eyes forward, there it is in the distance
Trying to run but I meet resistance
The terror comes fast, through my veins it flows
A poisonous prick from an innocent rose
After what seemed an eternity
At last I shut myself inside
I built a fire to stave you off
I thought that I could safely hide
but no
I feel the chill, your breath so near
You voice so icy cold and clear
And though the fire is roaring strong
These walls can't hush your frozen song
It howls and and claws and rakes my skin
The sleet and gale has broken in
I tried to fight, I tried my best
No strength to withstand your tempest
Take me
Take me
Come wrap me in your cold embrace
Take me
Take me
I give in to sin, I touch your face
Take me
Take me
So now I lay me down to rest

◄ This is a cautionary tale. Pay attention, please. Take heed.

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