The love is painful but also good

my self it calls itself as such
making way alone, untouched
just fleeting joy when she creates
predictable, a single's fate

then my other comes, falters on fissures
languidly warms, fulfills heart's wishes

yet seeping comfort into space
where always open, felt nothing save
now pricks with pain at such expanse
for place to love must be enhanced


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What’s stuck sticks starkly inside time

Your words, they tangle inside mine


Why listen when we do not hear

Why talk when we are most unclear


Why try to rhyme, define what’s queer

Painstakingly weave atmosphere


Into comfort, erase fear

A tired manner, old and sheer


Keeping pace, each other’s peers

Wandering through future years


Don’t trip, don’...

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To Be

one thing is branching into many

forks and splays without me ready

how must I ever learn to sew

my love into some kind of show

to rain upon the crowd of truth

that unlike my heart, the mouth: uncouth


there’s a simmer that will not rhyme

or ever change with passing time


but when it’s thick and hot I feel

that sticky comfort of what’s real

wriggling the atmosp...

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to bealivelove

Live Some

live some lost among high places
large houses, unfamiliar faces
saving up the seconds, wait
counting on a sure thing, fate
silly sounds that pull and tear
away from comfort and what’s fair
breathing in what sparks, it’s yours
pushing out cold facts, untoward

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rhyme this with everything I am

bit of everything I have

rhyme this to make it livable again

at another needed moment, from the corner of my head. 

squeeze this into another view

or lay it out, spread on by you

or anyway that translates bliss

to blissless stormful blanks

that look for it parched, helpless

without thanks

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Cold extremities distract my sight
From perspective, trees through the forest, nights

A tingling in fingertips, 
a pain, a madness
What is this

There are more walls than I can count
More thoughts than words to let them out

Sweet sounds deter the struggled view,
Determined, strong, set on by you

These do repulse the room’s hard lines
That tighten, straighten so with time


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Why is sweetness doing wrong

Why eyes that make the day seem long

Satisfied, bound, no longer free

Absorbed by a face, pure poetry


Why words that stay and overcome

Why no punctuation, overrun

The current and the wave are one

Unfurled, unbothered, I’m undone


Why velvetness of such a dream

Why unfettered beauty, smudged but clean

A little wire taut, is mean


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loveshort but sweetdreamscape

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