Fire from within

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Fire within

Wednesday,10th July 2019


Fire can be easily extinguished

only ashes can be found after everything is finished

fire can rage in forest

and rest is the history


we are talking of physical fire

and cut satire on it

but it is really the troublesome story

many people have put self fire to end the life already


but what is the remedy?

if the fire is within already!

and you are unable to put off

with the fear that people may laugh at you


it is a very dangerous trend

and sends

the confusing signals

to the self and other individuals


who knows when will it take an ugly turn?

and return with ghastly affairs

sometimes resulting in murders

or burning of all belonging and treasures


fire outside is controllable

fire inside is intolerable

neither can you extinguish

nor wish it to continue


Hasmukh Mehta

Courtesy: Jessica Harper


Http/// Amathalal


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