Edging Higher Planes

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Edging Higher Planes




Words sometime need altering/inventing

to fit rhyme. I will do it when I think I can still hold

you with my meaning.



I went to university

Studied all the rules

Of varied combinations

Of ions and molecules


But missed out education

Of things on higher planes

Like understanding Shakespeare

And all there was to gain


Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy

Edging higher planes

As long as not too complex

I do enjoy, and gain


I then was introduced to WOL

Much verse on higher planes

I wondered how I was to cope?

How much I thought I'd gain?


Much of your verse is complex

Requiring red, re-red

My mind's not wired poetically

But chemically instead


But every now, so often

A verse might get to me

Breaking through my science mind

Affect emotionally


I'm glad I did sign up with WOL

To more edge higher planes

Yes, Shakespeare would be happy

Approve what I would gain


Don Matthews April 2019

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Don Matthews

Tue 9th Jul 2019 15:23

I think I made an error
It's wired poetically
But driven by my neurons
Driven chem-i-cally......

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 9th Jul 2019 14:37

The fascinating aspect of words is how some stay in the mind and
some don't...which also applies to their formation in poetry. Rhyme
has a unique quality: its ability to remain in the memory, and whilst
it is often used for short pointed poetical purposes and is unequalled
in its use in witty observations, it can also be adopted for serious
stuff. Will Shakespeare knew a trick or two!

<Deleted User> (22247)

Tue 9th Jul 2019 11:50

"My mind's not wired poetically?"
Pull the other one, josh.

Devon Brock

Tue 9th Jul 2019 10:54

I second Lisa's motion. Nice work Don.


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Lisa C Bassignani

Tue 9th Jul 2019 10:47

Don, I just picked up a bunch of Shakespeare for summer reading! Shall I send the books along when I finish?

And, yes this is a great place, with many unique and talented contributors. I also feel that I have gained a lot by being here. I am very happy to have found WOL

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