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It wasn’t easy getting here

The street signs looked a little queer

And altogether directions

didn’t seem to me to be very clear

So I steered myself in the direction of help

And resigned myself to a hike because well

What else am I gonna do with myself?

Put my head up on a shelf

The words within me beckoned

And so I went, I reckon

Because old forgotten rhyme

Within me chimed;

I suppose that’s how happiness begins

With the cleverest of vain little sins

The courage to believe in your voice again.


I stowed my depression

In the luggage section

And kissed my anxiety goodbye

Twas time to dwell

Upon myself

I had no time for such an emotional ride

And so I climbed

Out of that deep deep dark pit

The funny part was when I stepped out of it

I realized how small it was after all.

Turned out I was finally just tall.

I stepped out of my prison and out from the shadows

And finally realized I had options now

One foot in front of the other is hard

Especially when it’s your own damn front yard

And crossing the gate

When your life is at stake

Is one of the least sanguine jumps you might make

But take comfort my dear

For you’re finally in the clear

When you think for one minute

The world is better with you in it

And believe it

No more a scared little girl

Worried about my clothes and my curls

A woman emerges with a voice

A hope,

A future,

And a choice.


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