Memento Mori

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I have a Glass Skull.
You with eyes to see
a busybody bustle about
know that nothing can be hidden.
And how my mystery remains intact.
I have a Glass Skull
or snowdome that's been smacked.
You'll clearly sense combustible ambition
in shows of electric activity but,
for what exactly?
I have a Glass Skull
as documented in high definition,
filmed and followed on-line,
tapped by determined thrillseekers.
What do they know?
I have a Glass Skull;
no shock of hair or ten-gallon hat covers it.
When I sleep you will know my dreams.
In love I melt, change my head.
In pursuit of justice, grow incandescant.
When I wake you will see through me
but I see you fit to humour me: 
living in glass houses we daren't throw stones.

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Martin Elder

Sun 28th Jul 2019 16:12

Brilliant as ever Adam.


Sat 27th Jul 2019 18:46

..a really fantastic concept...

"..combustible ambition
in shows of electric activity..."


Rachel )

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Sat 27th Jul 2019 17:56

What can be said Adam? Any pebble thoughts stay in their pouch.
A very memorable memento; ><>

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