Nature Freely Gives

Jack In The Green awakens from his slumber

Spring is upon us, nature in all her wonder

Gaze in awe of rebirth, renewal, fertility

Stood deep in the forest, deep within tranquillity


Robin Goodfellow his mischief to perform

Souring milk, trampling crop circles from fields of corn

Tripping those who into the green wood unwary tread

Laughing, yet another traveller away from path he led


Puck so much more than a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare drawing upon history, the arcane, unseen

Trickster of faery folk, denizen of mischievous games and fun

Beware, if he enchants you, from those woods you’ll never run


Herne the Hunter now be wary here, take heed

Horns upon his head, the wildest wild hunt he leads

Terrified peasants flee from upon his path

Lest they feel the full forth of his awful wrath


Robin Hood, legend tells many tales of his noble deeds

Taking only from rich, to the poor sharing his proceeds 

Did he exist, the debate lingers on, I think live he once must

With his merry band, close to nature, righting the unjust


The Green Man, guardian of all that truly matters

Without the woods, forest, trees, our ecosystem shatters

Summer sun to winter’s frozen whitest beauty

He oversees it all, such is The Green Man’s duty


Of all these characters who’s stories I shared this day

A common thread exists and I feel compelled to say

Treasure the green wood, as all nature freely gives

Knowing any less than that is to hardly even live


Taken from my book 247 Poems.

#poetry #inspirational #nature #folklore

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