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Before the World Wakes Up

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unlocked of chains each morning

my mind is freshly out of it's shower

soaked all night in spinal fluid

let's dry off with a cup of sunrise coffee


cat whines and yelps for crunch


this day starts off with the fading feelings

leftover from the distancing of my fresh dream

my subconcious slipping away

but here I hold a string I left there

if I could only pull myself back in

each step towards the unconcious mind

feels like a wizzard of activity

but it's felt, not thought


I come running back out unleashing whatever I found

I'm not sure what it is still I could only make it to sense the surface

but it thrills me, inspires me, gives me a glimmer in my heart of what could be


then suddenly

with the cat yelping and yelping and yelping for crunch

I go put a scoop of crunch in his bowl,

I looked at my phone.


suddenly, others thoughts, not my own walk in and I shut the door before they can capture me

it's like paparazzi crashing on my sacred place

I can't do this

I can't get away I don't want to loose my them

my thoughts

my time

my morning.

the ONE time no one in the world would be trying to message me. 5am.

I try to load a video I just took of the cat, but I saw everyone else

and my mind was hijacked.

my sacred morning time was almost compromised

the time you have when it's no one but you

and you're still sipping the first sips of coffee

and thinking, this day is mine and belongs to me

in this moment I take it in

before the world wakes up on me

and I write it


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