What I Have

I am a Have and a lot I've got,

Not as much as many but

More than those who have not.

Riches may come, they will go.

Does the weight of my estate trouble,

Bow me low?

If I gave it all away

Then to The Father began to pray

Would he find my prayers more sweet

Because I begged upon the street?

What I have is mine until its gone.

Given, taken, found, lost,

Sold for a song, what did it cost?

As much as God gives, be it silver or time,

Is what I have, is what is mine.

His allow is what I have

And what I have is here and now.


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<Deleted User> (22247)

Mon 8th Jul 2019 21:11

There are two ways to read this...I like that. Let the reader read into it...as comments have shown.

I prefer the second, myself.

Nice, challenging poem.

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Mon 8th Jul 2019 20:14

Thanks Jon, Jason, John, MCN and DoRoThY.
For me the important thing is to remember that I will be called to account for what I've done with it all, both silver and time.
Go well

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Jason Bayliss

Sat 6th Jul 2019 18:20

And there is nothing more valuable than here and now. There are no pockets in a shroud, as they say.

J. x

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 6th Jul 2019 17:22

The trick is having enough relative to your need. And that doesn't
include the luxuries many think of as being necessities these days.
It used to be called cutting your coat according to your cloth.

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John Coopey

Sat 6th Jul 2019 08:39

Wealth is a queue, Fish. We are behind some and in front of many. It’s telling that those who want a redistribution just mean from those in front of them.

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