It's War

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It’s war!


I’m waging war on plastic

And it’s really quite a chore

For every time I think I’ve won

I find there’s even more.

I started with the teabags

Replacing them with leaves and pot

I’m really pleased now with my brew

It sure hits the spot.

My milk is now in cartons

Made of cardboard what a treat

And next I turn attention

 To the food I want to eat.


No more carrier bags

Which is more of a drag

So I tog up with jute

 And off I shoot.


But quelle heureux when I get to the shops

Everything’s smothered in wrapping

My brow is furrowed, my mouth downturned

And my fingers madly tapping.

I just want naked fruit and veg

I tell the perplexed staff

The kind that’s grown in this country

I know that’s quite a faff.

And food in tins or cardboard

That will rot down in the soil

Instead of clogging oceans up

And using lots of oil.

I ask for a bamboo toothbrush

And toothpaste in a tin

The shop assistant looks annoyed

His patience growing thin.

He’s sick of elderly eco warriors

Bending his juvenile ears

He’s thinking his generation will be living on Mars

Given a couple of years.


Outside Walmart ►


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Jason Bayliss

Fri 5th Jul 2019 06:58

Yes, cheap is one motivation but I think for most people convenience is a really large element, you know, can't be arsed to cook, or grow veg etc, and I think we're probably all guilty of that. Then on top of that you've got to try and get another 8 billion people on board, when a lot of them can barely afford to eat at all. Still, we must do what we can. Love the poem Eve.

J. x

Devon Brock

Thu 4th Jul 2019 19:58

Same in the US. And wage stagnation for us good ole Yanks keeps us chained to it. I do what I can, but I also know that I'm part of the problem.

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eve nortley

Thu 4th Jul 2019 17:27

Thank you as ever for your comments, and the poetic riposte Don. You are so right Devon, wish the populace of the UK could value quality over quantity and do something to address our superficiality as a society. The sad truth is whilst we are busy over consuming and fuelling climate change...people in the developing world are paying for our greed and avarice with their lives.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 4th Jul 2019 14:25

Good last four lines Eve.

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Don Matthews

Thu 4th Jul 2019 13:06

Don't give a hoot about the earth
We think its gone too far
We're stocking up our larder to
Prepare a trip to Mars

In Elon Musk's you beaut spaceship
We'll blast off for the new
Age of human development
With tinned food for the few

Lucky ones, selected
No plastic bags for us
We've left them all on planet earth
For them to make a fuss

(My mind wanders at times Eve....)

Devon Brock

Thu 4th Jul 2019 12:21

It's the good fight, Eve. But I think the battle is much larger than simply removing the plastics. What needs to break is the demand for convenience in the developed world. What needs to break is the demand for cheap.


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