Some Mother's Son

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Time for bed, and turning out the
warm lamp lights.
Watching from my bedroom window, 
The park is very much alive tonight. 

The wind, it whistles loudly 
through the rooftops and the trees.
That small old man is back again, 
I see.
He sleeps in the same place in 
the royal oak park in front of me.

On the wood chipped brown bench
Cold, hard and damp. 
He rests his weary body for the night. 
No blankets,
Just cardboard for this old tramp.

I often caught a glimpse of him,
As he woke up from his sleep.
Behind my white cotton curtains
I'd stand. I'd watch. I'd peep.

His beard grew longer, whiter, older.
His name, I never knew.
Always sitting on his own.
I wondered who he was, 
My imagination often grew.

A group of 4, maybe 5 
approached the man. 
Complaining of a stinky, rotten stench.
His bench was littered with empty 
whiskey bottles, cigarette butts 
and urine soaked cardboard.

The poor old man got up, 
He left without saying a word.
Will he return tonight, I wonder.
Almost 11pm and still no sign.

The small, old man with the long 
white beard. 

Some Mother's son.


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Emer Ni Chorra

Wed 10th Jul 2019 21:11

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on this. I appreciate your comments. I think this one sounds great via audio but when I read through it in my head now it doesn't seem to flow well towards the end 🤔

Not sure if I should edit it in the near future???

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Wed 10th Jul 2019 09:01

Homelessness is a plight we must fight it is a very complicated problem.Great poem.Well done.

The wind out there is strong and cold,
Attacking the homeless both young and old.
Wrapped up in blankets dirty and damp,
The street is their bedroom ,its lights their lamp.

A lady bent double in deep despair,
An ambulance call out with another did share.
A bacterial infection she did show,
Where the needles she used constantly did go.
It looked as if she was still injecting the mess,
The puss flowed out contaminating her dress.

I see the problem constantly increasing in Manchester as it is in the whole of the country.

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Wed 10th Jul 2019 07:31

I saw this yesterday. It isn't the entire segment, but you get the idea...

Joshua is inspirational )

Good to see you about, Emer.

Rachel x

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 10th Jul 2019 05:18

Indeed Emer,

Some mothers son.

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