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Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.

Rabindranath Tagore


In the auction-room, toy trains wait like ribs

to be eaten, they smell like wet sacks

full of delicious smoke, darned with swollen 

fingers in the cold of a Kashmiri morning.


I smile as the pigeons hum into life

so sweet and forgetful was my pain;

the sands of the Ganges shake like a dog

who has slept in mud in the slippery-shining

mud flats - I do not know where

is the flute; in the hull of a boat maybe

its tone is wet,

splash splash splash is my heart splashing

with blood and nervousness.

she is sailing to decorate a birth.

all the labels are laughingly locked away 

she laughs as i scratch his furry back

a fine coxcomb of time flashes into the mirror

a penumbra of  kisses spreads 

stamped and crushed on the lips of my pillow

as we lie down on these hills of thirst

where I yearn for a waterfall

to stop me burning in the sun's rays 

and so that you can dance

like a fountain, in all its shimmering lightness.

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Devon Brock

Tue 9th Jul 2019 23:00

"the sands of the Ganges shake like a dog". I needn't say more - taken into another world.


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