forms of compassion

this last piece of chocolate 

could find a home in your mouth 


that vacuuming robot 

would receive so much love 


perhaps a new kitten 

would make nights not so lonely 


I donated monthly to to the cause 

I guess I was born yesterday


he sponsored his whole family

out of a sense of obligation 


she insisted on volunteering 

on her exotic vacations 


these are forms of compassion 

of various scales 

borne out of a function

we have as mammals 


forms of compassion 

as we exhale 

twisting and stretching them 

'til they wrap around the world


she never had children 

throwing herself into her work 


he gave his inheritance 

to his neighbor’s girls


they pledged their millions

for the search for a cure 


he spent his SSI benefits 

on video dates with prostitutes 

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Robert C Gaulke

Wed 24th Jul 2019 00:40's all true ?.

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Don Matthews

Wed 24th Jul 2019 00:21

What a last two lines......

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