The Long and Short of Stacy Does Racy

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The Long and Short of Stacy Does Racy


I like reading poems

But not those that go

On, on forever

And on, so and so


There is one exception

That poem 'bout Stacy

Which one WOLer wrote

Called 'Stacy Does Racy'


It ran like an opera

Soapy, with friends

While Stacy did racy

My eyes glued to end


Now let me get back

To what I will say

Short poems they hold me

Right down, all the way


Down here we are simple

Minded, not deep

So short simple poems

Can read, not fall sleep


zzzzzzz........wake up


Don Matthews July 2019

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Don Matthews

Sat 13th Jul 2019 05:31

It's nice to see
That you MC
Like simple and short ones
That keep awake me


Cos there's no likes
Can only presume
That Stacy wasn't racy
For WOLers,(wanted gloom)

Even old Coops
Was hazy (or lazy?)
To notice he'd authored
Stacy does Racy

Guess to involved
With current does racy
Forgot that he'd written
Past Stacy Does Racy

I thought that her picture
Which showed much front bloom
Would pull away WOLers looking for gloom

Stacy says you missed a treat......

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 13th Jul 2019 01:55

They'll read you with gusto
If your poems are just-so!
Be brief
And you'll be read with relief.
Keep it tight...keep it taut -
Life is too short! ?

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